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  1. Message from a newbie

    New Member Introductions
    Hello to All! My name is Ali and I am a sound engineer working in film post production. Nice to meet you all!
  2. Error message

    REW Forum
    Error message (FIXED) Hello folks, I have run REW many times before, and I am fairly proficient, but now when I try to run REW I get this error message: ERROR #10: A Java Runtime Environment for 'roomeqwizard.exe' cannot be found. A Java Runtime Environment needs to be installed before 'Room...
  3. Protector Message in Sony A/V receiver

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I have Sony A/V 7.1 receiver. Since last week when I increase the volume on receiver, it shut down and PROTECTOR shows written on the LCD panel. Please someone from forum let me know about solution to this problem. Thanks...
  4. HDCP error message

    AV Home Theater
    You've just come home from work and you are psyched to sit down (or lay down) on the couch and watch some cable TV on your HT system. You turn on everything (with your cool universal remote or ipad) and you get a message on your TV- "Connection Error Your HDTV does not support HDCP. Please use...
  5. Xbox One message could’ve been “more open, complete,” some features may return

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Xbox One message could’ve been “more open, complete,” some features may return Xbox corporate vice-president Marc Whitten has said if Microsoft could go back to when Xbox One was announced, it would have been more “open and more complete,” regarding the features, policies...
  6. Message de salutations à la communauté Home Theater Shack.

    New Member Introductions
    Mesdames et Messieurs,membres de la communauté,bonjour. Tout d' abord,pardonnez-moi de m' exprimer dans ma langue,le français. Je maîtrise très mal l' anglais et ai de grandes difficultés à communiquer dans cette dernière. J' habite dans la banlieue de Nantes (ville natale du grand romancier...
  7. TV Message Can't Switch to Home Theatre

    System Setup and Connection
    Hello and thanks in advance for any assistance I can get here. I have a Panasonic 42 inch Plasma TH42PX600U hooked up to a Yamaha HTR 4065 receiver. On the Audio Menus of the TV I can choose Home Theatre or TV Speakers. It will not let me choose Home Theatre. I get error message on TV saying...
  8. Pioneer BDP-140 Root message

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    Just bought the Pioneer BDP-140 BluRay player to go with my system. Powered up and went through all of the start up navigation. Now I am getting a the word "Root" displayed on the screen when the system is off? If I press the power button the message dissapears and then returns later? Calls to...
  9. Rearranged/renamed hard drives....now STRANGE REW error message

    REW Forum
    Anyone seen this before? I added a 3rd hard drive and my PC automatically renamed my 2nd so I had to rename them back. Anyways, now when I load up REW it says this: Input device error Message: javax.sound.sampled.LineUnavailableException: Wave (2- E-MU E-DSP) does not have any lines...
  10. Panasonic PT-50lc14 turn off OSD message

    Panasonic / Technics
    Good day Folks. My TV recently displayed an OSD message advising AIR FILTER CLEANING... I was able to find detailed instruction to clean filter on light engine housing, which I did with no problems.. The problem now is that OSD message still pops up every time I turn my unit on and then...
  11. HL-R5067 Check Fan #2 Message Appears, Intermittently Shuts Off

    I have been having an issue with my Samsung DLP, sometimes when I turn it on I get a message at the bottom of the screen that says "Check Fan #2". Sometimes I can watch without problem and it goes away, sometimes it doesn't go away, and sometimes the TV just shuts itself off and I can't turn it...
  12. Error Message

    REW Forum
    Greetings, Just downloaded REW a few days ago and finally got it to run with Pro Tools. I was able to measure with the sweep test and see all of the parameters. Presently REW will run as a standalone but does not play nice with Pro Tools. When I last tried to run them both I got this error...
  13. Samsung Anynet+ device not connected message

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a new Samsung 55D7000 LCD/3D TV and trying to connect new Samsung Blu-ray player model BD-D5500.
  14. I left 5 autobio message in the test forum

    New Member Introductions
    My Name is Mike I hail from Seattle but live current in St Louis Mo. I have a diverse background in building trades (not cabinet building alas) and years in electronics ans computers in my trade, I am A BAS Controls programmer/technician I have build many speakers over the years and a few subs...
  15. Cablevision updates its anti-Fox message as blackout continues

    For those in need of an update, the Fox/Cablevision dispute continues to drag on. Customers who try to tune into the channels on Cablevision are seeing an updated message (after the break) from the company calling out Fox for not accepting its offer of arbitration. Multichannel News mentions the...
  16. Post Padding Thread

    This is it... the famous post padding thread so that you can get your first five post out of the way quickly. The old post padding thread got wiped out accidentally... we apologize to those who may be inconvenienced.
  17. Pioneer VSX-D850S won't turn on, "Power Off" message

    Getting ready to move and need to decide if this one is worth salvaging. For the longest time, I would turn on the AVR and one of the front channels wouldn't work, i.e. everything would sound great, but one speaker would be dead. Restarting the AVR would sometimes cure the problem, sometimes...
  18. Hitachi 57swx20b getting OVERFLOW message

    My dad gave me this TV becuase he could not get the red to converge. Plus he had been eye a really nice flat-screen. I found the kit to use to correct this. I replaced the 2 IC with the 150's and the 6 suppled transistors. When going into Service Only mode all the colors are bowed. I ran the...
  19. "No peaks to correct" message from REW

    REW Forum
    Just for snicks, I thought I would re-run REW (4.0) on my system which I had already equalized a while back. After making the measurement - which turned out exactly the same as the first time - I clicked on the "Assign Filters" option under Filter Tasks and was told that there are "No peaks to...
  20. Error Message on Windows Vista

    REW Forum
    I am trying to run REW V3.29 on Windows Vista RC2, Build 5744. When I excecute the program I get the following error message, while the program is initializing "Adding Menu Items": Exception: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutofBoundsException: 3184 :coocoo: Any clue on how to resolve this? Thanks, Elias