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  1. Mid Range AVR, I'm completely lost

    AV Home Theater
    Hello, I'm a newbie to this, and I'm setting a new system for my apartment, I've got the speakers and the sub set up, now I'm hunting for a decent receiver, and the more I dig the more confused i get... I have a large room (approximately 1000 sqft or 100 m²) where I have a side dedicated for...
  2. Mid Bass Amp suggestions

    DIY Speakers
    Hope I am asking in the right area if not my apologies. I have currently one MBM with a Dayton 465 the enclosure is fine but to me the amp could be better. As of now I am using a nu 3000DSP its a great amp for the money but compared to my sub amp it just does not cut it. My goal is to get a...
  3. Tweeter Replacement

    DIY Speakers
    So I have some Pro Studio ps412-1 speakers I bought off craiglist and I can't find much about them anywhere online. I've had them for about a year and the tweeter and mids on them just recently have stopped working all together. I'm assuming the drivers failed. I opened them up to see if I...
  4. How to obtain more mid bass

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I own the SVS primes and Kreisel 12012 sub. I am very happy with them however I feel I'm somehow missing out on mid bass or slam at times. I wrote to SVS regarding this and Ed was kind enough to suggest the behringer fbq1000 peq to get the slam I'm needing. Has anyone has any experience with...
  5. Mid Range

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Can u help how to adjust the mid range
  6. Using unmatched Mid Driver and Tweeter inside speaker cabinet with working Bass Driver

    System Setup and Connection
    Long story short, Sony SS-MF550H speaker: Non-working Mid Driver and Tweeter are completely busted, cannot be repaired, cannot be replaced with exact part. Rather than throwing the whole thing away, I thought maybe I could find the cheapest Mid Driver and Tweeter I could and put them in...
  7. Adjustable mid and tweeter

    REW Forum
    I have a pair of old KossFire speakers given to me that I am using as my front left and right speakers in a 5.1 system. There is an adjustment knob for the midrange and a seperate one for the tweeter. I have the Umik-1 so I figure that before I try to start moving speakers around for my whole...
  8. Custom Apex C with Wavecor mid and LDW7 woofers

    Creative Sound Solutions
    I had a customer contact me about a center channel.With his current main speakers being the Lambda plus line array which use 8 WR125ST plus 6 Aurum Cantus ribbons sitting on top of a pair of 8" woofers.These line arrays I did for Bob and we took to RMAF in 2004. Bob sold the line arrays and I...
  9. NAD T748 Can't listen good mid range frequencies, they are too weak

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi, I bought the T748 which has 2 Zone included. After running automatic calibration, different speaker settings, different subwoofer settings and positions turning on and off the EQ option of the Receiver and checking different settings I can't get to listen to mid range frequencies like some...
  10. Mid Bass Modules

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    Is anyone running mid bass modules in their home theater anymore? I was thinking about building a pair of ported 15" mid bass modules with some of the eminence 15" pro drivers. I'm really interested in the tactical and "hit to the chest" feel. I also already have a free channel on an ep4000 that...
  11. MiniDSP For Mid Bass Delay?

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I am thinking about adding two of the Hsu MBM-12 mid bass modules to my system. They will be placed about 12 feet back from the main subs, so I need to also add a time delay. Hsu recommends a Behringer unit, but I was wondering if the MiniDSP has delay features and if it would be a better...
  12. Adding a second sub as a mid

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    I found Andrew Robinson's article interesting about using a second sub as a mid sub. http://www.andrew-robinson-online.com/take-her-down-using-two-subwoofers-to-achieve-low-frequency-bliss/ So I got to messing around with a plot. I would like some input on the theory and my driver selection...
  13. Mid Driver and Tweeter not working but Bass Driver working - how to tell if Caps are bad and what needs to be replaced

    System Setup and Connection
    Sony SS-MF550H speaker. Problem: Which setting do I use and where do I put the Digital Multimeter ends to test if Caps are bad or if tweeter is blown? How do I find out what to replace?
  14. Mid December Newsletter Clicks

    Reviewers Private Forum
    This is very early... not even 24 hours, but gives us an idea and is interesting. Needless to say, I figured the REW update would be a hit. I am going to send out a broadcast email about the REW update and state that we will only announce REW updates within our newsletters going forward, which...
  15. Mid range speakers

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    hello I have and infinity TSS-1200 system ( HK 235 ( i think will check later at home it about 6 years old has 2 HDMI and 7.1) Receiver i have a polk audio 12inch sub i was thinking of adding 2 speak to the front channels and moving the current fronts to make a 7.1 system any...
  16. Movies with Mid Bass LFE

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Can someone please provide a list of movies with nice mid bass LFE? I have a collection of movies at home (too many) and want to be able to pick some out from suggestions here.
  17. B&w htm2 center with blown mid bass

    Home Audio Speakers
    Does anyone know where I old get replacement mid bass for my center? Part number is lf zz11460. I would also take a good substitute. Any ideas Thanks Barry
  18. CES Wrap Up ( Short, Mid East Version )

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    CES Wrap up ( short Version ): We where told Sharp will release a 60" and 70" Local Dimming unit, the 935 series. These units will have the Elite HDR chip we are told. Sharp will also release a 90" mid summer we are told. The Elite series will continue with a 60" and 70" unit. We where told...
  19. choosing tweeters and mid range drivers

    DIY Speakers
    how do you guys go about deciding on your tweeter and mid range power handling in other words lets say we have a woofer that's 300 wats RMS do you figure that the tweeter wold need 10% or 30 wats ?
  20. Cheap / Easy / Small sub idea needed (most mid bass)

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    I would like to build something easy (think flat pack or sonotube) to use on the lfe channel with my jtr captivator (if I get the woofer...). I am going to get some pro-10's and don't want to push them to their max so would prefer to cross at 100. the cap is best below 80... I figure with the...