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  1. FBQ2496 and UM-1G MIDI communication problem

    REW Forum
    Hi! Just got a new FBQ2496 from the store. Firmware 1.1. FBQ2496: Enabled midi and channel 1. Run mode. Connected as described i help menu REW 5.13. REW: Preferences set correct on all tabs (I think). UM-1G connected to usb and installed ok, set to Passthrough off and Advanced off. UM-1G is...
  2. BFD1124p not receiving filters

    REW Forum
    I had everything working perfectly, and then I updated to Windows 8. Everything still works perfectly, except for sending filters to my BFD 1124p. I have double checked to make sure that I have the "out" cable plugged into the "in" port on the BFD. I have tried switching the cables. I have...
  3. MIDI problems

    REW Forum
    I just got a TASCAM 122 for Christmas. Do I need two cables to read the chan parameters? Do I need to load the cubase CD? My beringerFBQ does not blink to indicate it received the data transmision either. HELP...:help:
  4. FBQ2496 midi transmission

    REW Forum
    I am using REW and an FBQ2496. I transmit filters via midi and every filter has to then be manually adjusted because they are usually off by several digits... (only the frequencies). Does anyone have any idea why I am experiencing this?
  5. preferred Midi interface, REW->BFD, DEQ, FBQ ??

    REW Forum
    Hello Gents, Was trying to find the latest midi USB interface everyone prefers and where to buy. I've tried several times with an older (2yrs) roland UM1 to interface between a windowsXP laptop REW and BFD1124P. I'm usually pretty good with PC's and device driver problems, but this one was...
  6. SOLD: BFD 1124P + Edirol UM-X1 $75

    Classifieds - Equalization & Calibration Equipment
    SOLD! SOLD SOLD! After many years of satisfied ownership, I am finally selling my BFD setup. It took an equalizer 10X the price to displace it. THIS IS A SETUP WITH A MIDI INTERFACE FOR EASY AND QUICK PROGRAMMING! ALL YOU NEED IS A SOUND LEVEL METER (and a computer with appropriate soundcard)...
  7. Midi Communication

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I just got a good deal on a BFD and wanted to confirm that a midi 1x1 interface like the UM-1X is the only way to upload filters? Second since its discontinued has anyone used a M-Audio USB Uno 1X1 MIDI Interface instead...
  8. 2 DSP 1224P questions- MIDI uploading and display

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I tried using my DSP1224P last night to upload a set of filters - ran into 2 things that I wanted to ask about: 1) I couldn't get the filters to upload and save via MIDI - the light flickered as the computer said it was uploading, but nothing changed on the BFD. I was trying to overwrite...
  9. DSP1124 Midi Commands?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Does anyone have a list of the complete Midi command set for the DSP1124? I want to be able to control the sub woofer level from my Irule based HT remote. I have a DOS Midi control application library I wrote in the late 1990s for a Symetrix processor. Low level hardwrae programming is what I...
  10. Can you send separate filter settings to each channel of BFD via midi

    REW Forum
    This is my first post. I have been reading everyone's information and it is a great help. Although I have not actually set everything up yet, I like to research and learn as much as possible before tackling a project. I am adding a BFD and an external amp with bass shakers to my home theater. I...
  11. recommended MIDI interface cables?

    REW Forum
    Hi. I'm getting back into this process again, but am now on a mac running OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard). I have a BFD 1124P and would like to drive the settings from the REW directly using a midi link. What would people recommend for a USB-MIDI interface cable? I'm confused as some units come with...
  12. Which USB MIDI interface for Win 7 x64?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hello everyone, Can someone please recommend a cheap USB MIDI interface that will work with Windows 7 64 bit to allow me to automatically set filters in my BFD when using REW? I found one cheapo product on Amazon for about $5 that had decent reviews, but the fine print says it is Windows 7 32...
  13. REW, MIDI w/1100P

    REW Forum
    Hi. I have just about got all the eq. I need to run REW as described here in the many threads. I am trying to find out if REW will send the filters settings automatically to the 1100P? I know it does the 1124 but not sure about the 1100. Also, after looking at the diagrams for the setup of...
  14. Newbe needs recommendation for midi interface

    REW Forum
    I plan to use UCA202 as my sound card . I believe this sound card does not have a built in midi interface. Assuming that the correction filters are in a file stored in my laptop , then any usb midi interface will work? Please recommend a basic midi interface . Laptop is Toshiba , OS is Vista...
  15. Anyone use Kat Percussion MIDI controllers?

    Pro Audio
    I've got a TrapKAT which I've never really got into using, I'm gonna dust it off soon and get it going. Any other users around?
  16. midi -> mini midi?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    hey guys i have a old sound blaster that comes with a front panel for the pc. My question is, on the bfd there is a midi port, on the soundblaster there is a midi port also, but it looks like a s-video port... Is there a place to get a midi -> s-video connection? Or does everybody buy the midi...
  17. Midi connection with DEQ2496

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Can anyone confirm that the Midi feature will work with the Behringer DEQ2496? I just purchased the M Audio Uno for the connection an apparently the driver installed successfully on my PC with Windows 7RC. Also assuming that it will work, would I be correct to select the FBQ2496 under equalizer...
  18. Guitar Hero USB MIDI adaptor

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi, I've just picked up a second hand DSP1124P and am now ordering the cables so I can do a sweep with REW and set the filters etc. I was about to order a USB/MIDI cable then remembered my son had been sent one by the folks who make the Guitar Hero game (something to do with the drum kit??) It...
  19. EMU 0404 users - MIDI to BFD ?

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I'm trying to figure out how to use the midi output to connect to my BFD for REW. Has anyone gotten this to work? I have only installed the drivers and am not seeing the midi interface appearing in my system configuration. Do I have to install some of the additional software it comes with? I...
  20. MIDI or manual entry with 1124P?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hello all, Received my 1124P today and had a quick question about the MIDI interface. Is this highly recommended, or should I just skip buying the MIDI cable and enter the filter settings manually? If it is recommended, do I have to use the Edirol cable, or will the cheap $14.xx interface...