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  1. Purchased Three Tweeters!!! Opinions on mids and lows?

    DIY Speakers
    Guys, I just pulled the trigger on three new Klipsch THX Ultra 2 tractrix titanium 1" horns I found. I have always liked the sound of a Tractrix horn design, so I went ahead and bought three for L C R. I am so excited to hear these. I am considering using the following drivers: 1. Dayton...
  2. horn loading pa mids

    DIY Speakers
    Hello all I have a set of 12" pa woofers that i would like to horn load,I have the specs for a standard ported enclosure to get an F3 of 48hz.I'm not planning on running them that low,need a bandwidth of about 150hz to 800 hz or so.Does the enclosure still need to be made to spec when front horn...
  3. open back mids or not?

    DIY Speakers
    Hello, I have all peerless six inchers for bass, three inch woofers for mids and a scan speak 9500 for the tweeter. All speakers are electroniclly crossed, 24 db per octave. My main question is to put the peerless mid/woofers in thier own cabinet sealed or just leave the back of the mids...
  4. Better highs, and mids

    Home Audio Speakers
    Whitch speaker has the better tweeter the SVS or HSU ? I want to upgrade my JBL Northridge E60s and E20s. Would one of these speakers sound a lot better than the JBLs midrange and highs? Is it titainium laminate vs silk dome vs horn, or does it even matter? Thanks jwhite8086