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    I've been hanging out a bit, researching, headscratching, etc, and it's time to pop the question... ;) So, our living room - TV room is small, and the viewing distance from the couch: 6.5' - 7.5' We watch mostly TV (DirecTV), and occasionally DVDs from Netflix, etc. Only now has our trusty...
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    Ok lets open a can of worms. The audio market is such a mess, manufacturer are playing with number and make them meaningless or sometime they gave you no number at all (like Bose) I would like to know what do you think would be the minimal or acceptable specification for different audio and...
  4. REW Forum
    I wanted to share some recent success with REW and my BFD (1124P). I don't want to get into great detail, but I've been unhappy with my sub's sound and thank goodness I found this forum. I purchased my BFD a few weeks ago and I've been very happy with the way my sub's sound has improved...
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    Please use this thread for any comments or discussion about my article Minimal EQ, Target Levels, and a Hard-Knee House Curve. Regards, Wayne
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    Minimal EQ, Target Levels, and a Hard-Knee House Curve It’s time to re-think the way we equalize Better late to the game than never It’s been a little over a year since Sonnie dragged me into the 21st century, convincing me to start using REW and the Behringer DSP-1124 digital parametric...
1-6 of 6 Results