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  1. Mixing 5.1 speakers

    Home Audio Speakers
    I am a newbie and looking to get my first 5.1 surround in a 12x16 living room with vaulted ceilings and hardwood floors. TV over fireplace. I am looking at Polk 65RT in Wall speakers for surround and left + right speaker. Center speaker may be Klipsch RP-250c REF premiere 5”. Sub is Jamo...
  2. Bad audio mixing?

    Audio Processing
    I was watching "The Grand Tour" on Amazon Prime and the last two episodes seem to either have terrible audio mixing or some different kind of encoding that part of my system does not like. Right from the start, the music sounds a bit distorted and then when the hosts come on stage the audience...
  3. Mixing Pro and Consumer Products with MiniDSP Balanced

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi, I have a MiniDSP 2x4 Balanced that I'm attempting to set up. My HT equipment: 1. Denon AVR 4311 2. Crown XLS802D pro amp -> four FiCar Audio IB3 18 subs in an array at the front of the HT 3. Samson S700 pro amp -> four Infinity 1262 subs for nearfield duty (just behind my second row of...
  4. Is there minimum db levels when mixing?

    Pro Audio
    I dont know why, but usually my master bus peak is something like -20db cause i can push volume from the soundcard to speakers. If i put some limiter to master bus and try to push levels something like -5db i heard lots of clashing and it does not sound as good as lower volumes. And all my...
  5. mixing 8 and 4 ohm speakers

    System Setup and Connection
    I currently have a 7 channel Polk Audio LSI setup powered by a sunfire TGA 7201. I have been drooling over the new lsim and have ordered a pair of 705's and 706c in cherry. My rear surrounds are the lsifx bi-pole/di-pole and I absolutely love them, an upgrade will be in the future but funds and...
  6. Movie mixing and bass management

    Audio Processing
    I have been wondering about this for a while so hopefully someone can provide me with some insight. When the sound guy mixes the audio track for a movie, there will be 5-7 full range channels and the .1 LFE. The LFE will have items specifically intended only for that channel. In our receivers...
  7. Room for mixing and mastering

    REW Forum
    Hi Guys. This is my first post and first measurement. I have a somewhat treated room with clouds, sidewall absorbers and corner traps. My graph shows i big boost at 40 hz at which my genelecs 8040 shouldnt generate much sound. I dont use a subwoofer. It also shows a phase thing at that...
  8. New Mixing Room Measurement

    REW Forum
    Hi to everyone! During this mid august I've had some time to take some measurement and do adjustment on my new (work-in-progress) mixing room. The main speaker are 2 Adam A7X Speaker and the room dimensions are 2,48x3,46x2,71 meters. Unforunately the placement of the speaker is on the longest...
  9. Mixing sealed & ported?

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    I've read it is typically not recommended and is challenging to balance subs when you use both sealed and ported in your setup. Does this hold true? I have dual sealed UM15-22's in 4 cu. ft. enclosures, with an iNuke 3000DSP. I haven't measured them with REW yet, but I did measure them with...
  10. Mixing Ported Subs with Sealed Subs in a HT?

    Background I currently run a 11.2 setup in my home theater (notated in my signature line and equipment list). For subs I have two SVS PB12-NSD which are placed directly left and right of my Front Center channel. I am considering adding two SVS SB-2000 in the rear of the room in the left and...
  11. Yluko/Music production/Record mixing

    New Member Introductions
    Plus I play video games on my system :). I joined ages ago to get the REW and just got the newsletter and thought I would check it out now that I have some free time. I sadly now live in a small one room studio apartment so its a bit of a mess. I desperatly need sound proofing but hope to get...
  12. Mixing different subs?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I have a troublesome room that gives a huge null at the MPL centred at 35Hz and going up to nearly 50Hz. The solution having played around with the REW room simulator,is to put a second sub diagonally opposite at the rear corner of my room. The results in the REW sim for a single sub at the...
  13. Headphones for serious mixing.

    Headphones | Head Gear
    Has anyone had experience doing professional mixing with headphones? How happy were you with the result? What headphones did you use?
  14. Standards for Music Mixing and Production

    Two Channel Audio
    Cinema sound has mixing and production standards. The music business does not. Would the music business be better or worse off with mixing and production standards?
  15. Mixing Room Help...

    REW Forum
    Hey guys, I built a small sound proof-ish room in my basement for mixing music. I've had pretty good luck down there, but would like to improve things. Here is an REW graph and room layout of what I'm working with. I am using Yamaha HS80M monitor speakers (w/o sub) for monitoring. Please let...
  16. Recording and Mixing an Orchestra for Separation and a Cohesive Soundstage

    Pro Audio
    While listening to a recording of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony a while ago, on headphones, I realized that the soundstage seemed chopped in two. I listened with different headphones and checked settings on my music server to make sure nothing was wrong there. I finally brought up Voxengo's SPAN...
  17. Where to start? Treating a small room to achieve a suitable mixing environment.

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hey All, I'm hoping to get a few tips on treating a room for mixing (mainly dance music). Unfortunately, I am stuck with near-cubic room dimensions of 97" x 100" x 95" (wxdxh) and from what I gather from reading through a few threads, cubic room dimensions are far from favorable when trying to...
  18. Driver Wiring Diagram mixing series and parallel wiring

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Is there a way to wire 4 X 4 Ohm SVC Drivers and com out with a final Load 4 Ohms? This is not an option on the wiring diagrams. Could you wire some in parallel and some in series to come out with 4 Ohms? 4 x 4 Ohm SVC Drivers / Final Load 1 Ohm
  19. mixing room: DEQ2496 or FBQ2496?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Dear all, I have a mixing room in which I have to correct some frequencies. I did son room treatment to reduce reflections on medium-high frequencies but still I have some issues on the low end (standing waves). At the moment I am using parametric equalization via a software plugin and the...
  20. Gain Staging for recording and mixing

    Pro Audio
    How loud to record, how hot a signal should you record with? How much headroom do you need? I have seen these kind of topics coming up on various forums and blogs. A few years ago I used to record everything pretty hot. As long as the signal didn't clip I would try and get up close to zero when...