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  1. Attention Admins and Mods - New Site Down Reporting

    Admin team to VS
    Hello Team, We would like to introduce our new SiteDown reporting system. This system is to report severe issues when accessing the forum, such as blank pages, other database errors, global posting errors, or other emergency issues. Our aim is to streamline communications and make it more...
  2. Klipsch Quartet Mods

    DIY Speakers
    Hi everyone, I recently picked up some Klipsch Quartets that I am going to upgrade with the Crites Speakers crossovers. I've seen some folks bracing on similar speakers like the Fortes. I haven't seen anything specific about what it means to brace and what strategy to employ while doing it...
  3. Klipsch Quartet Mods

    Two Channel Audio
    Hi All, I'm picking up some Klipsch Quartets and am thinking about updating the crossovers, diaphragm and adding sound damping materials. I've seen a little information on bracing, and very little on damping. Can anyone share with me what the benefit of bracing would be; and if use Black Hole...
  4. Headphone Custom Cables & Mods

    Headphones | Head Gear
    Has anyone tried out any headphone mods they could report on? How about custom cables?
  5. To site mods.. I would like to start a poll to petiton Yamaha to bring back the orange

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    The title says it all. I really miss the orange glow of Yamaha's older models. You knew it was a Yamaha just from that orange glow.They've adopted the "me too" Blue look of every other AVR receiver manufacturer. Can we start a poll to see how many would want the orange display back?
  6. Mods Behringer A500

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Hi I love these Behringer amps, crossovers and all that, cheap, easy to work on, easy to improve, having lots of fun with the Behringer A 500 and the NU1000, now i am testing them, they sound good, very good considdering the price ! I ad a picture of a modified A 500, i will make a nice front...
  7. Crown fan mods.

    Two Channel Audio
    Google has failed me. Can someone post a link on how to mod the XLS series fans? I want to either slow down, or replace with quiet fans if it doesn't cost too much. I've heard of some people just unplugging them in a home setting, but I'm not sure about that. Overall, they aren't pushed too...
  8. Denon AVC-A1SR Intergrated Amp, Mods

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi Everyone, I have the Denon AVC-A1SR Intergrated Amp, its now several years old but still outstanding performance, I have been bitten by the up grade bug and have been looking at the UMC-1, what I need to know is, does anyone know how to mod my amp so it can provide inputs to the...
  9. JVC AV56P776 Repaired!! Major thanks to the mods and especially lcaillo!!

    Hello all! This is my first post here, but I've spent many hours going over the DIY section recently,and figured I had to tell you all about my sucssesful repair. I recieved a JVC av56p776 from a friend that works at a local condo. The previous owner had recently moved in and started having...
  10. Correct mods for BASH500

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Hello shack people , I need some assistance with a new DIY sub in regards to amplifier mods. The enclosure is 2.3 cu ft with 3"port 15"long floor firing. The BASH 300 is clipping at higher levels and now need to switch to the 500 for more head room. Can someone calculate the mods needed to the...
  11. WAF mods for my Subwoofers power plant (Behringer EP)

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Ok, my wife wasn't too keen on the Berhinger amp sitting with the other components. She let me have the list in one long sentence with out a breath. It basically went "Ok, I dont like the signal indicators "winking" at me during movies, the super bright green pilot light, It looks very...
  12. CS Mods

    Wondering! Has anybody tried extending the dowel length of the CS line to accomodate banana plugs or wrap the tubes with another hard surface?
  13. Rythmik Sub Mods

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I've built two of these kits and love them. They are great. My question is has anyone modded the plate amp with Black Gate Caps? Have you replaced the caps and any other parts? If so, what did it change? Thanks..