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  1. This should give you a LOL moment

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    I work at a small university up here and this week this was posted in our student newspaper... goes to show what some of our youths sense of entitlement is these days.
  2. MSG Varsity launch in HD & ESPN RISE football kickoff ensure future Uncle Rico's moment in HD

    Now that pro and college football are broadcast almost exclusively in high definition, framed for 16x9 and even 3D, no wonder it's even trickled down to high school sport coverage. Instead of just a few games here and there, Cablevision's launching MSG Varsity HD to cover games in the...
  3. A Moment of Silence for Viginia Tech.....

    Care Chapel
    My heart and prayers goes out to the family and friends of those whom have lost their lives in the tragedy at Virginia Tech. May they find solace in knowing their loved ones have found peace. http://www.clannandrumma.com/sgtmac.html
  4. HD DVD and Blu-ray at the moment

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    This post might be a continuation of the discussion at the HDDVD vs Blu-ray post here, but I'd like to get a little more detail and open it up to anyone's thoughts or info you might have. bobgpsr pasted an excel post from the AVSforum on the differences between the bluray player and the HD DVD...