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  1. Adam T5V Active Studio Monitors for Computer

    System Setup and Connection
    Hey guys...been a long time since I've posted on here...or bought a piece of stereo equipment. Anyway...I ended up seeing great reviews of these Adam T5V active monitors and couldn't help pulling the trigger and buying a pair. Should be here in a couple days. My plan is to use them as...
  2. cheap\basic studio room treatment,placement,sub,monitors

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Room :Rectangular Room 220cm x 320cm(86inch x 126inch) a window on the side wall 38% 72.60 cm(28,7inch) between speakers 27¨screen=65cm(25.6inch) Head to Main Wall: 121.6cm(47.9inch) Speaker From Main wall 58.73cm(23,1inch) Speaker From Side wall 73.7cm(29inch) Q1:Is this...
  3. Another set of monitors - HTR 2.0

    DIY Speakers
    I'm making another pair of my "HT 2.0" speakers based on the Vifa XT25TG30 and TangBand W5-704D. These will be very similar as the original pair, but with larger, custom cabinets rather than the PE prefab cabs. They have the same tune but increased volume to about 0.35cuft so they should have...
  4. FSI (Flanders Scientific Inc) Monitors - Perceptual Color Matching Using LightSpace

    Video Calibration
    FSI (Flanders Scientific Inc) Monitors have just release a new white paper on the perceptual matching of different display technologies with LightSpace CMS. Download Link: http://flandersscientific.com/index/uploads/PerceptualColorMatchingUsingLightSpaceCMS.pdf
  5. Cal file from monitors in an anechoic chamber

    REW Forum
    Hi all! Just thinking out loud here...(well, typing out loud actually ;-) What issues do you see from doing this? Suppose I took my studio monitors to an anechoic chamber. Analyzed them, and created a Cal file. If I used the same physical setup, distance from monitor, from floor/ceiling etc...
  6. Monitors for a big room

    DIY Speakers
    Ok, I know I am asking close to the impossible but I have limitations here. First, I only have one room available as we share our house between our living quarters and working areas. This room is quite large, it is an open design, has a living room and dining room together, opens to the...
  7. Kramer VM-5ARII, how to setup multiple monitors?

    System Setup and Connection
    Can anyone help me on how to setup. The problem I have is with cables and connections. I want to run a video signal into the Kramer VM-5ARII and then feed it to 3 monitors. But what can I run the video signal from, for instance if I had a DVD player or a laptop what connections would need to be...
  8. Active Monitors

    Two Channel Audio
    Hi all I am thinking about introducing Active Monitors to my 2 channel music. My room is 6 meters wide 3.7 wide. Is there any recommendations that would suit this application. I have no experience with these type of speakers. I can hook these up via my Pre-out. I have looked at KRK Rokit 6...
  9. EQ Active Studio Monitors

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi am looking at some Active Studio Monitors mainly KRK Rokit 6 or 8. How do studio active monitors react to EQ in general, i have no dealings with these speakers whatsoever. Has anyone got any opinions with the Rokits or active speakers, any recommendations. My main listening is 2 channel...
  10. Desktop speakers / Monitors

    DIY Speakers
    I currently have a pair of M Audio BX5A on my desk .... What could I build in the 300 dollar range that could top these ? 300 would be for the drivers and Crossover parts. Could I use the plate amps in each speaker now ? I will power with a small emotiva Amp.
  11. Nearfield results on DIY monitors

    REW Forum
    I'm nearly finished with my latest DIY project, which is two sets of mini monitors for HT use. I have taken some REW measurements to verify the design and so far everything is checking out great, but it would be helpful if I could get some verification on my measurements. The measurement setup...
  12. FS: 100% AAA Condition NEW MOREL Octave Speakers

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    Absolutely 100% AAA, in Original Box, Opened, tested, closed ! original sample pair mandatory rep purchase never used. Ferrari Red color. A pair of monitors that need a home. All original felt bag, user manual, box etc., as received from factory. If I needed a pair of speakers, I would keep...
  13. Studio Monitors EQ wizard?!

    Pro Audio
    I was wondering if i could corect my home studio monitors by taking theirs freq. response graph and corecting it.I'm not talking about room here just about my monitors Adam A7.What do you think about the idea has anyone done that and where it will take me?Thanks.P.S.I have room that could not be...
  14. Digital crossover/PEQ for integrating sub with active monitors - DCX2496?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I have a pair of Mackie HR-824 active monitors and although they have very good response (39Hz - 20kHz +/- 1.5dB), I would like to add a sub to reach down deeper. I'm thinking about adding a Rythmik F12 or F12G, but my source device (M-Audio FW410 recording interface) does not have any bass...
  15. Another set of monitors!

    DIY Speakers
    I am going to be making two sets of smallish monitors for some friends. The design is inspired by my previous "HT 1.0" build with the TangBand W5-704D woofer. It works well in smaller boxes, it's forgiving roll-off is easy to work with, and it has good looks. This time I'm going with the Vifa...
  16. Studio Monitors as Home Theater Set Up ($1000)

    Pro Audio
    I have a small listening/home theater room (~10x13) and after recently blowing one of the 25 year old free speakers that I used throughout college am looking to upgrade to something a little more accurate, powerful, and durable. I realize that this is not the standard used of studio monitors...
  17. Emotiva Powered Monitors

    Home Audio Speakers
    Active biamplified two way, ribbon tweeters. No details as of yet. Looking forward to hearing more about this line. http://shop.emotivapro.com/
  18. Using Active (powered) Monitors w/Receiver

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I'd like to be able to use my active studio monitors to replace my towers in conjunction with my HT system. It would help reduce the speaker cluster and would be able to control the volume with the remote. I'm using a Sony STR-DH710 with Mackie Speakers that each have one input for RCA, TRS...
  19. What about this home cinema setup with studio monitors?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi all! First I want to apologize for my poor English. What do you think about this setup for a 5.1 home cinema using pasive studio monitors? Front channels: 2 BEHRINGER B2030P Central channel: 1 BEHRINGER B2031P Rear channel ( effects ) : 2 BEHRINGER 1C-BK Subwoofer: BEHRINGER B1500D-PRO...
  20. studio monitors as mains

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I am planning on upgrading my Kef mains (they'll be my new back speakers in a 7.1 or 7.2 system) but am thinking of getting a pair of powered studio monitors (Dynaudio?) instead of Ref. line Kefs, B&Ws, etc. My reason is that I need a quality 2-channel amp & better mains; even at $1000 (they can...