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  1. Surprise: Monoprice Monolith Unboxing Photos (and Mid-Review Update)

    Home Audio Speakers
    I'm knee deep in a review of Monoprice's new Monolith Air Motion Series of speakers, with a complete 5.0 system in-house for demo (4 bookshelf, 1 center)... this is Monoprices foray into higher-end audio. Initial impressions are extremely positive...my ears are loving them! Priced at...
  2. best settings for bk monolith plus sub and monitor audio asb2 soundbar?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    hi i have the monitoraudio asb2 soundbar and bk monolith plus sub what would be the best settings to use on the sub and soundbar my room is 18feet wide 10feet depth 16feet height? :boxer:
  3. New Amp (Pioneer) and sub (BK Monolith) on order - setup question (sub newbie)

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi everyone, New member with a few new gear additions here!- Been reading bits and bobs on and off here for a while now. Very helpful community :T :bigsmile: I have done a quick search on the forum and looked on line but I can't find a straight answer to my question... I don't think the answer...
  4. BK Monolith - where's the sub bass?

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi all I purchased my BK monolith subwoofer around 2006 after reading a test of it by Ilkka from a posting on this site. The problem is, i haven't used my sub for maybe 2 yrs and I've just bought a new AV receiver. It's an Arcam AVR400. I'm not getting anything out of sub, perhaps just a very...
  5. Bk monolith+

    System Setup and Connection
    On my amp I've got the choice of duplicating the bass or redirecting the bass to the mono if i choose redirecting what should I set x over at on the mono??
  6. BK Monolith with REW + BFD

    REW Forum
    Hi from Adam in the UK. Firstly, great site and thanks to all the useful information on here. I wouldn't have got to where I am now without it. Could you please critique my graphs and setup, and help me get the most out of my system :bigsmile: - EMU configured through REW. - Initial 75db...
  7. monolith setup

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    onkyo sr875 + Monolith-DF after running audessy what is best settings too set on amp ? LPF of LFE do i set this too 120hz (this is not touched by audessy) and in sp level section and subwoofer dB what would be best setting for this . i have seen some reports (on here) that audessy sets this too...
  8. BK Monolith

    Subwoofer Tests - Archived
    Manufacturer: BK Electronics Model: Monolith Provided by: Marek Sound Manufacturer link: BK Electronics Price: 750 EUR Manufacturer specs: • System Type: 95 Litre reflex tuned to 20Hz, cabinet manufactured from veneered 25mm MDF and Critically braced • Distortion: 5% 102dB @ 20Hz • Frequency...
  9. My Monolith twin sub

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Here in the UK BK electronics make a monolith sub which has had some good reviews so I thought I would make a sub with 2 drivers and an acoustic resistive matrix loading like the rel studio. Can't seem to find a way of adding pictures though Dave
  10. Room response with a Monolith (dip assistance please)

    REW Forum
    I have a Monolith, paired with Tannoy Revolution speakers. xover set to 80Hz. Room has stairs going up out of it to the next floor. See response curve below, and corrected curve (possibly ignore the sub 22 Hz readings on the measured after correction as I'm not sure if I actually remeasured...
  11. BK Monolith DF EQ

    REW Forum
    Well I finally got hold of a BFD (DSP1124P) and managed to spend a little time working on the sub around New Year. When I first set up the sub and looked at the response in REW I was pretty horrified. I hadn't expected it to be quite as bad as it was. See below. You can see that it is not...
  12. New Sub: Monolith Response, any thoughts?

    REW Forum
    Hi I have upgraded to the BK Monolith from its little brother (XLS200), a fine sub for its size but I felt something meatier was required :bigsmile: I was using quite a few filters on the old sub to massage its response into something sounding good but initial impressions (on a brand new...
  13. BK Monolith

    REW Forum
    After an hour or so of messing about here are the results from rew, Before eq : and after: I did boost the 20hz a bit, but not much, i also measured over 103db at 20hz before i got any extra noise (although the driver didnt look like it was botteming, no "quacking" noise, just a buzz). If...
  14. Monolith DF Base Panel

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I posted this on a UK forum. I thought it might be useful for the Monolith owners I've noticed on here and anybody else with a down firing sub with, shall we say, an active floor covering. I have a laminate wood floor which is foam backed on a suspended concrete floor. Coupled with the...