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  1. Thinking of selling my 120" sintra screen, about a month

    DIY Screens
    Looking to sell my diy 120" screen I have just recently sold my house and going to live in a place where I can no longer use my screen or projector. I'm going to list my screen for sale soon after everything is final with the sale and just seeing of anyone would be interested. It's a 120" sintra...
  2. TCL Giveaway Enters Its Last Month!

    Forum Announcements | News
    As you may know, Home Theater Shack has been actively running a great Giveaway Contest with its sister site, AVS Forum. It's been running for three months, with contest entrants having a shot at winning one of three TCL 55UP130 55-inch LCD 4K/UHD Roku TVs. These televisions not only offer...
  3. After 1 month: dead end to eq with Rew

    REW Forum
    Hello, here is my situation. With REW help I try to EQ my 5.1 channel with this set of filters provided by my Rotel receiver for each channels. I have tried to EQ 5 channels and it is a mess. My main needs is a rational procedure to progress one step at a time. The main challenge is that my...
  4. Denon Says DTS:X Is Set to Land Next Month

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Immersive Audio has been a headline topic during 2015, and, here in the United States, is a category that’s been completely dominated by Dolby’s Atmos codec. Until now, DTS:X (the other assumed big player in the U.S. market) has remained vaporware. Quite a few manufacturers have released...
  5. Review Posting Schedule by Month

    Reviewers Private Forum
    Please post your scheduled review here in this thread... and subscribe to the thread so that you get notice of new posts. Each time you add a review to the list, please copy and paste the information... you can quote it and remove the QUOTE tags... then add your review. Remember, no more than...
  6. Transparent speaker system for the home theater, available this month

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Exceeding their goal of $120,000 on the KickStarter crowd-funding platform, reaching $169,480, People People pulled together their resources for their transparent speaker system, available sometime in April. The speaker kithttp://www.hometheatershack.com/news/transspeaker.jpg Only premium...
  7. LG 55-inch OLED TV available for pre-order in Korea this week, ready to ship next month

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    LG BEGINS ROLLOUT OF EAGERLY ANTICIPATED OLED TV LG Ushers in New Year as First Company to Launch Sales of OLED TV SEOUL, Jan. 2, 2013 -– LG Electronics (LG) announced today that it will begin accepting pre-orders for its eagerly-awaited 55-inch class (54.6-inch diagonal) WRGB OLED TV (Model...
  8. Over 1 million Samsung HDTVs sold in the US last month

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Press Release:
  9. Sleeping Dogs first story DLC due this month, includes zombies

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Sleeping Dogs first story DLC due this month, includes zombies Sleeping Dogs will receive its first major story-driven expansion this month, with the Nightmare in North Point pack. The new DLC is due on October 30, according to Kotaku, and will be horror-themed; the site...
  10. LG’s stunning 84″ 4K TV set to hit the US Shores next month!

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Press Release:
  11. Voice control for lg smart tvs coming this month

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: FlatPanelsHD
  12. My score for the month :)

    Two Channel Audio
    Picked this up today from a local CL seller. 2 Dahlquist DQ10s, 2 Hafler DH-200s, an Advent 300 Preamp, Dahlquist LP1 crossover, DBX 3BX range expander, and the DQ1W subwoofer. Need to refoam the woofers on the DQ10s but otherwise it's all in exceptional condition. Original boxes and...
  13. Waiting 14 month for Toshiba TV repair

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    I bought in Canada in 2006 a Toshiba HDTV 72MX195 rear projector TV. It wnt out of order in July 2010. I gave it for repair and since then, Toshiba is unable to repair it but have no sign from them. Can someone give me a correct phone number to contact in Canada to discuss and find a final...
  14. A must do 1 month after making connections

    System Setup and Connection
    Well I'll cut to the chase. Tonight I was double checking my speaker placement and also checking wire connections. I noticed that every speaker binding post (on receiver and speakers) could be tightened another 1/2 turn at least. Now I am positive I had them all tight from the start. The...
  15. Cataclysm sells 4.7 million in one month

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    After selling 3.3 million units in a single day, the latest World of Warcraft expansion sets another sales record.   Just over a month after it was released worldwide on December 7, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has set another record. Developer-publisher Blizzard Entertainment announced this...
  16. Cross-Game Voice Chat Coming to The PS3 This Month

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Cross-Game Voice Chat Coming to The PS3 This Month 06/15/2010 Written by Zak Islam Sony’s E3 conference certainly revealed a slew of expected and many unexpected announcements. One of the expected announcements was a new PlayStation premium service, which was confirmed to be...
  17. FS: 2 month old EP1500

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    I am selling my whole sub setup b/c the box makes too big of a footprint for my future house. The amp is barely 2 months old and the fan has been modded. I'm asking $140 shipped SOLD
  18. South Korea will be first to OTA 3DTV this month

    South Korea will beat Australia to free OTA 3DTV broadcasts as several broadcasters will try out the technology starting with KBS May 19 during the 2010 Colorful Daegu Pre-Championships Meeting. We're not sure if that's soccer, a (potentially rigged) Starcraft match or what (it's a track...
  19. Universal's back with more DVD / Blu-ray flip discs later this month

    We're still not sure if those Jason Bourne DVD / Blu-ray combo discs went over well, but Universal is already gearing up its second go round of "flipper" combos with Out of Africa 25th Anniversary Edition, Traffic and The Jackal all set to arrive April 27. With $27 MSRP and sub-$20 pricing...
  20. Warner / Blockbuster deal keeps movies out of kiosks for a month

    Just in case Warner's ideal demarcation between release windows wasn't clear enough, it's struck a new deal with Blockbuster splitting rental dates for movies. Just like Redbox and Netflix, Warner movies are now on a 28-day delay before they appear in rental kiosks, but are available for...