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  1. Motorized Curtain options

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hello all, I am finalizing the design of my new home theater and am considering a motorized curtain to cover the screen when not in use. I have chosen a framed screen with acoustic fabric, as i don't like waves that often come with roller screens, and speaker placement was much easier with them...
  2. Motorized Ceiling Mount Screen Advise

    General Screen Discussion
    Motorized Ceiling Mount Screen Advice Hello All, I am new to the home theater world and I just purchased an Espon 5030UB projector and I am in the market for a good projector screen. I am looking for a screen in the 135-150" range depending on the total length of the unit is because I have...
  3. Motorized screen advice

    General Screen Discussion
    Can someone recommend a screen for me. Here is what I am looking for: 1) 2.35:1 ratio 2) Around 130" to 150", which with 7' ceilings will put the screen about 12"-15" off the floor and 12"-15" off the below the ceiling 3) Electric flush ceiling mount controlled by remote rather than switch...
  4. diy motorized blinds

    DIY Audio
    :huh:i didnt know were to post this so here it goes most people i know cant afford motorized blinds by one of the major company's. so im looking for suggestions on how to make them myself.
  5. Help: DIY tensioned motorized?!

    DIY Screens
    Hey, all, I am planning my HT and I just ended up with a great find--a large Da Lite motorized screen from an office that was getting remodeled. It's a beast; the case is huge and made from steel instead of aluminum. But it's a well-working motorized case! The screen material is worn and 4:3...
  6. Motorized projector lift

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I need to have my projector 24" from the ceiling, so the projected image clears a 72" ceiling fan in my den. To achieve this, I first designed a drop down box to put the projector in. When I went in the attic to start the install I realized the main air condition duct is dead center over where I...
  7. VApex 106" Tab Tension motorized screen

    Manufactured Screens
    OK, I am new to The Shack, so hello! Have been a regular on AVS for many years - I am glad to have discovered another forum for great information. It was suggested on another thread I put up a review of our VApex 106" tab tensioned electric screen... so here goes. I decided to go this route as...
  8. Aosom 120" Widescreen HDTV Motorized Projector - Only $159.99 - Save 54%

    Great Deals and Specials
    Only $159.99 54% OFF | MSRP: $349.99 23 Available | 1 Sold as of 10/10/11 11:30am CDT Free Shipping
  9. Screen help Motorized

    General Screen Discussion
    Hi all, About a year ago I was here looking into some fixed frame screens. Money got tight and I was unable to afford to do anything right away, but now I am ready. I have mounted a 54 inch TV in the wall. The TV is more or less flush in the wall but I have the current screen about 2 inches...
  10. Motorized screen for living room ?????'s

    General Screen Discussion
    Ok I will have a while before I go out and buy anything but I am trying to figure what my budget needs to be on a good motorized projection screen. So the only things I do know are that I Will most likely hope to get atleast a 16:9 screen. The screen will drop from the ceiling and will not be...
  11. motorized screen - leave it down?

    General Screen Discussion
    So in reading for a while I've surmised that Elite's Spectrum series screens are decent but very prone to folds/waves (correct me if I'm wrong). I am putting together my HT (Epson 8350 PJ) and it will be used 99% movies, and some sports. Basically 10 hrs per week use maybe. If I do a fixed...
  12. Projector screen 16:9 acoustically transparent motorized retract manual pull..any recommendation?

    Manufactured Screens
    Planning to buy a projector screen that is 16:9 manual pull-down and motorized retract acoustically transparent to the center speaker with budget around USD300~600 to be matched with Optoma HD20..any help?
  13. FS: 7'' Motorized Touch Screen TFT/LCD Monitor With DVD/CD/MP3/AM/FM Player

    Classifieds - Mobile Audio
    Title says it all - but a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Deck is new in box - never been used, installed or anything - so the manufacturers warranty will be 100% intact. 7'' Inch 16:9 Wide Screen TFT/LCD Display Touch Screen (Graphic Screen Allows Easy Control Of Operations By...

    Classifieds - Mobile Audio
    Like the title says: IN-DASH DVD/MP3/CD RECEIVER WITH MOTORIZED FLIP-OUT 7” WIDESCREEN TOUCHSCREEN TFT MONITOR WITH USB AND SD MEMORY CARD PORTS AND FRONT PANEL AUX INPUT But a picture paints a thousand words right? So here's what it looks like: New in the box, never been installed - so the...
  15. Motorized PJ cieling mount.

    Home Theater Seating and Accessories
    I didn't see these discussed here and was wondering if anyone here is useing these and if so what do you think. I think they are a great solution for someone with drop or drywall cielings and want's to make their system as low profile as possible when not in use...
  16. fixed frame or motorized screen???

    General Screen Discussion
    Hi all, just ordered a Epson 1080UB and am thinking of getting a 110" screen. I really want a motorized one but I gave seen some that are wavey. Is this normal for most motorized drop down screens? Is a fixed frame the only way to get a perfectly flat screen? THX, WMD
  17. Motorized mounts? Anyone?

    AV Home Theater
    Can anyone help me with a problem I have? I need a motorized mount for a 32" Sharp Aquos LCD, about 20" tall. I have been in contact with Sanus & Chief and both said they dont have anything fro a display that small. This is for a customer, the install is set for Monday 11August, and somebody...
  18. Motorized Window Treatment / Blackout Curtains

    Home Theater Seating and Accessories
    Hey all, I'm looking at treating my place with some motorized black out curtains. Does anyone know some good sources to find a good deal on either the motorized rail systems or black our curtains. I've found some pretty decent deals on ebay... but seeing what you all know of?
  19. Motorised (motorized) curtains

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hi all, Has anyone had any experience with motorised curtains for the front of their HT room? I see fairly inexpensive solutions like this: http://www.decorama.com.au/dec-c03m.htm and wonder if that would be suitable for the heavy velvet-type curtains needed. Or do you need a heavier-duty...
  20. Motorized projector screen POP UP, not DROP DOWN

    General Screen Discussion
    Hello all, I have a buddy who is constructing an outside bar/kitchen area. In addition to that he is asking about installing a projector on the back patio, and projecting towards the bar. My question is, are there any units on the market that will all ow the screen to come up out of the bar...