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  1. X-Box One on the move!

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    I noticed yesterday that Microsoft released the new generation of their gaming console. 4K playback + HDR @ $399. What I did not see is any mention of gamit, so that may be a limiting factor. Be interesting to see how it works. Any chance of getting a review model?
  2. Move high pass before VU meters?

    REW Forum
    Hi, REW is excellent. I have been using it on my HTPC and Macbook. I have been using REW with a CM6206 front-end (startech ICUSBAUDIO7D). This device exhibits some DC bias in the samples on both the microphone and line inputs. If I examine the scope display and toggle the high-pass filter...
  3. Move speakers closer to screen (but closer to the side wall) or leave as is...what is best?

    System Setup and Connection
    Hello! My front speakers are at around 8 feet away from my seating. So are the back surrounds while the sides are at 6' away. I have been thinking on pushing the mains closer to the screen then adding "wides" to fill the gap and for smoother transitions of the soundstage. My idea is to get the...
  4. Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore Move Audiences in Miss You Already, on Digital HD February 16 and Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand March 1.

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore Prove the Power of Friendship When Miss You Already Arrives On Digital HD On February 16 and Blu-ray™, DVD, and On Demand March 1 from Lionsgate SANTA MONICA, CA (December 21, 2015) - Showing just how unbreakable the bonds of lifelong friendship can be, Oscar®...
  5. Emotiva Says Move to Retail Stores Will Benefit Brand

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Founded in 2004, Emotiva has spent the last 11 years running a direct-to-consumer operation. Removing the middleman has allowed the company to offer quality AV electronics at reasonable prices. In a surprising shift, the company recently revealed a new retail-oriented distribution strategy...
  6. RPTV Issues After a Move

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    I have a Mitsubishi model WS-55809 RPTV and it was recently moved from one house to another after transfer of ownership (I am not the original owner). Prior to the move there were some minor convergence issues that were remedied by the owner with some gentle taps (probably loose solder). Once...
  7. Not Sure How to Move Forward

    REW Forum
    I'm a newbie here, so if I've posted to the wrong forum, please direct me appropriately. My listening setup for 2.1 audio is as follows: FLAC source over wired Ethernet, into Raspberry Pi B+ with HiFiBerry DIGI+, running XBMC, Toslink, into NAD C390DD amp, into Pair of Axiom M80 towers and 12"...
  8. Prepping for a move

    System Setup and Connection
    So I've been living out of boxes in anticipation of an upcoming move that's finally about to happen in the next few weeks. Once that's done I'll finally be about to hook up the new pre-amp (thanks again HTS!) and write a review. Till then, like any good shackster, I've been obsessing about the...
  9. Would like to move to a seperate processor

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hello gang, I presently have a Denon 4520 and I am in the process of building a new theater room. I told my wife the other night that I will be pulling all my equipment from our living room theater into the new room and she said, what about my system? She wants a system in her living room! The...
  10. Move to the beats of Transference

    CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    Move to the beats of Transference. The sound is tuned in with the video concepts that feature dynamic artistry, stop motion animation and other conceptual arts. This unique collective presentation makes them stand out from others. Watch their latest collection on YouTube. noisetrade . com /...
  11. Should I move the speakers?

    System Setup and Connection
    I am in the process of upgrading the screen and projector. In taking down the old screen, which came with the house, I found Ribbon speakers and 12" cone speakers behind the screen. Should I leave the speakers in place and mount the new screen over the speakers. Or, should I move the speakers...
  12. Polk Audio Speakers :: Music playback awesome, move playback not so awesome .. Why ?

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hey all ... So guys I'm making a home theater in the basement of my new home (some of you probably have seen my other threads), and I had a question regarding audio which I faced today .. So I went to a company today that deals in Polk Audio Home Theater speakers, and I stayed with their main...
  13. Move over Google Chromecast, there is something cheaper

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    I talked the other day about Google's foray into the streaming TV hardware market with its tiny (and cheap) Google Chromecast device. For only $35 you can get this little HDMI connecting dongle-type device that sports a WiFi connection. With it you can stream TV from YouTube, Netflix and the...
  14. Panasonic's gradual move to exit the Plasma TV market, fact or fiction?

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    As you may know by now, reports have been distributed, with no actual source mentioned, by Japan's The Nikkei newspaper, and Reuters, saying that Panasonic may be getting out of the Plasma TV business slowly over the next three years. http://www.hometheatershack.com/news/panasonic.jpgSome...
  15. Move my sub?

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I am getting a new AVR (onkyo nr709). I am trying to decide if I should move my subwoofer. In the pictures, should I leave it where it is or move it alongside the sofa or loveseat. I realize the best way to tell is to try it in each spot but where might it be best to start? Thanks
  16. Input on a move from Bookshelf to Towers

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hey Guys - I value your opinions, so I'm curious to hear your responses. I really like my Polk Audio RTiA set-up... so I'm not interested in buying a different brand (this is not really a question about critiquing my speakers :nerd:)... currently I have Polk's CSiA6 center, bookshelf RTiA3's...
  17. Should I move this fat office chair while measuring?

    REW Forum
    I use REW to measure my project studio environment. I sit in a big fat cushy office chair and was wondering if I should move it when I measure. I feel like it should be there but I know too from reading the help files that even I'm supposed to move out of the way when I measure, as a large...
  18. I made a NOOB move and need help!

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    With some help from here and a lot of homework I built my first DIY home audio sub. As space was no issue and I wanted added tune ability I built a large SonoSUB with changeable ports. The issue I had was a burnt voice coil which was not cheap nor do i want to do it again. I would have to say...
  19. Just got the Move

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    This has been given by a family member that has no use of it. I wont be trying out till tomorrow, but thought I would give some thoughts and have a place to ask about it. First thing is a couple of peeves. No cable to charge it is supplied, no big issue as I have about 3 but surely it should...
  20. Kinect outselling Move - Analyst

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Wedbush's Michael Pachter believes that Microsoft's motion-sensing system has overtaken Sony's; two platforms expected to have 8-million-unit installed base by year's end.   This week began with Microsoft announcing that the Kinect has sold 2.5 million units worldwide in 25 days. Sony quickly...