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    I have really been enjoying this new show Chicago PD airing on NBC Wednesdays 10/9 Central. Action packed and gritty, about a special unit created to combat drugs and violent crime. The characters have a unique and interesting background, some of them coming from highly questionable backgrounds...
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    Season 3 starts on Friday. This is another show that shouldn't be missed. :T
  4. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    I find this new show to be very interesting. A differant type of law enforcement show. It involves law enforcement officials from differant countries working in a group called the ICC = international criminal court. Its on NBC.
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    Anybody watch this? I'm about halfway through the first episode looks like another great show! Revolution the Following now this. I might not miss the uverse as much as I thought.
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    I know this is the 2nd season already, but I don't feel like this show gets the love it deserves. :) I'm a hardcore office fan. Absolutely love the show, but we all know that all great things come to an end. :( Anyway, if you like the office, try out Parks & Recreation. Amy Poehler, Rashida...
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    We're not sure where the Americans Q & A Research polled live, but they must not have a decent network hookup out there because they appear to represent the most silent of majorities: the ones who absolutely loved how NBC handled the Winter Olympics. Also reported was an average of 20 hours of...
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    As some of you may know, the pilot episode of Journeyman has leaked its way onto the internet. I just had to download it the other day and I got around to watching it last night. Let me just say I was pleasantly surprised. I'll not give any spoilers away, but try to give you a feel for the show...
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    Filed under: Industry, News, Programming NBC has posted high definition trailers for some of their fall programming on Xbox Live. You can get an early look at 30 Rock and Kidnapped, or existing shows Conan O'Brien and The Office. They've even got a behind the scenes look at NBC Sunday Night...
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    I happened to check out the preseason game on NBC from the Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. I was literally blown away by the quality of the broadcast. Coming from NBC sports, this is shocking. This takes a few worries off my mind. Did anyone else see a good broadcast?