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  1. DIY Audio
    Someone gave me a swimming, underwater Finis Neptune MP3 player but the problem is the charging cable was not included. Since this is a waterproof MP3 player the cable is proprietary and it is impossible to find a cable (from the company or otherwise) without buying a second unit on eBay with...
  2. Audio Processing
    I recently read a review of the Neptune Audio EQ unit. I thought it sounded very interesting but I've been unable to contact them through their website. Does anyone have a valid e-mail address, phone number, company address, or dealer information for this company & their product?
  3. Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I have compared the Neptune EQ, correcting for subwoofer only, directly against the SVS EQ1 (which I own), using an audio precision signal generator to perform a sweep and then measured and set up a response curve on an inexpensive small KLH subwoofer, using each units included microphone and...
  4. Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    For Ken: Do you know if there are any firmware updates/upgrades that may be applicable to the Neptune unit? I had purchased my unit early Jan and was wondering if/how any firmware upgrades would/could be applied when available. Thanks, Erle
  5. Forum Announcements | News
    When the folks at NeptuneEQ asked product reviews, I immediately volunteered. I had heard of their magic box and the wonders of EQ to help fix minor speaker and room problems before and wanted to see the results for myself. Having had a lot of experience using the venerable Behringer Feedback...
  6. Manufacturers & Vendors Reference Info Forum
    Neptune Audio www.neptuneaudio.net 2790 Loker Ave. W. Suit 106 Carlsbad, CA. 92010-6613 760-431-8159 760-431-5077 (fax) Sales: [email protected] Technical Support: [email protected]
  7. Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    The neptuneEQ™ is the result of more than 10 years of product development. It is a sophisticated product, made possible only by the most recent DSP technology. The neptuneEQ™ corrects for acoustical problems created by the room, furniture and speakers in a 7.1 channel or less home theater...
1-7 of 14 Results