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  1. Can we consider that ethernet or RS-232 (RS-485) networks have no ground connection between the two ends of each cable?

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    This is for a huge home theater. I have a power transformer that converts 380VAC between two legs of a 3-phase power system down to 230VAC, with a center-tap of the secondary being our "neutral" for this secondary. (FYI, there are three such transformers, connected between phases A and B; B and...
  2. Stream TV Networks to Show Glasses-Free 4K 3D at CES

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  3. Netflix’s popularity surpassed all broadcast and cable networks during June

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  4. Scripps Networks channels (Food, HGTV, etc.) restored to AT&T's U-Verse

    That was fast. HGTV, Food Network, DIY Network, Cooking Channel and GAC are back on the dial for U-Verse customers now that parent company Scripps Networks and AT&T have worked out an agreement. Unfortunately, there's no fiery press release to remark on this time, AT&T's website only says that...
  5. U-verse loses HGTV, Food & other Scripps networks during latest carriage dispute

    Well, we can't say we weren't warned. It appears AT&T and Scripps Networks have been unable to reach a price for the family of TV channels including HGTV, Food Network, DIY Network, Cooking Channel and GAC, resulting in them disappearing at 1 a.m. last night. Naturally, each side has issued...
  6. Fox, Dish Network deal means no network TV blackout, FX & sports networks back on

    Just that fast, it's like it all never happened. Fox and Dish Network have cut a deal to restore programming from the giant's channels including 19 regional sports networks, FX and National Geographic Channel. No word yet on the terms of the deal, but the key is it arrived in time to avoid a...
  7. Fox, Dish play the blame game over disappearing FX, sports networks

    The latest carriage dispute is already a few days old and shows no signs of breaking yet, as Fox and Dish Network square off. Naturally both have issued the usual press releases and promotional websites blaming the other but at the moment, the only thing to know is for Dish customers, Fox...
  8. AT&T, DirecTV, Verizon push Comcast & Cablevision for access to HD regional sports networks

    After the FCC closed the terrestrial loophole we knew it wouldn't be long until satellite and IPTV providers started moving on the cable companies regarding access to high definition versions of their regional sports networks and now they have. Multichannel News reports AT&T has put in its...
  9. Leviton Integrated Networks Structured Media Enclosure NEWBIE...please help!!!

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    Hi Everyone! I just bought a home with a Leviton Integrated Networks Structured Media Enclosure in my Master Bedroom Closet. Unfortunately, I know nothing about the system and I am on the verge of moving in next week. There are Cat5 and Coax connections throughout the house. As far as...