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  1. Flat/Matte Neutral Grey's; N1-N10 and Gain

    DIY Screen Development and Testing
    I've seen bits and pieces of this information posted around, but never the whole thing at once and nobody really answered when I used to ask. So here's a simple chart that's useful for neutral Grey's and general brightness comparison. These numbers assume a flat/matte (lambertian)...
  2. Problems buying a neutral grey paint

    DIY Screens
    Hey guys, This isn't a screen thread per se, but I thought you guys might be able to help me. I want to paint my walls and ceiling neutral greys. For the wall, I wanted to go with Granite Grey and for the ceiling Universal Grey. This is for my living room where the pj will reside, so I don't...
  3. OTS Neutral Gray Universal Tint Codes and Known Finishes

    DIY Screens
    Tint Codes The credit to this goes to tiddler and Harpmaker. Some of these colors can be had by using "Glidden Master Palette" in the paint database at Lowe's. Tint Code ... "Color Name" [Munsell Value] - RGB - CIELab 00NN 05/000 . . . "Dark Secret" (black) [N2.3] 00NN 07/000 . . . "Deep...
  4. Neutral cure silicone

    DIY Speakers
    has anyone used this kind of silicone, it has no acetic acid so no worries at all about causing issues with surrounds.. It actually dries pretty fast. It is used around copper sinks so it doesn't discolor the copper...
  5. Screenshots - Neutral Grey with Pearl

    DIY Screens
    Well, paint has only cured for a day, but here are some screenies. Pictures look like green is too strong, but I don't remember thinking that as I watched the movie. I shall have to pay more attention to that. HD65, 92" Screen. Screen is melamine with Behr Silver Screen using 4850, and Behr...
  6. Paint value - neutral gray

    DIY Screens
    I don't know much about mixing paints. That being said here is my question: Why can't you just go to a paint store and tell them "I want a neutral gray with a RGB value of 185, 185, 185" ? I use 185 as a reference because I believe that is the value of my photography gray card used for white...
  7. What's the most neutral N9 gray ?

    General Screen Discussion
    I read here about the N9 neutral gray "Winter Mist from True Value. Is that the most neutral N9 gray? I'm trying to find one from Behr or Glidden. Thanks.
  8. Neutral Grays and Simple Off the Shelf Solutions

    DIY Screens
    There is a niche for simple off the shelf methods. Some people that come here and to other sites are looking for a DIY screen can quickly become inundated with so many methods ranging from advanced mixes to single sheet applications, to BOC, exotic fabrics and mirrors, and Acoustically...