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  1. newb

    New Member Introductions
    newb here just looking for better ways to get the best performance out of my gear! looking forward to reading every ones experiences about home theater and more.
  2. Newb needs help with subwoofer amp

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi everyone. I recently replaced an old RCA home theatre in a box with a new Yamaha RX-V385BL receiver. I didn't know anything about the difference between passive and active subwoofers, but have since learned the receiver has only an RCA pre-out connection. My old RTD150 subwoofer is a...
  3. Newb from PA here...

    New Member Introductions
    Been lurking a while and started a sub build so I figured I should join. Big thanks to all the great members on here who have already helped me with my first build. When I get my pics together I will start a build thread. Look forward to sharing. Cheers. Paul
  4. Newb

    REW Forum
    Hello Everyone. I am new to Home Theater Shack and wanted to say hello and am ready to learn the ins and outs of home audio.
  5. Newb.. Do I need to calibrate for my sound card and my mic?

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I have recently purchased miniDSP UMIK from the recommendation here, and have been using REW to help tune my modest production studio (mostly mixing / mastering). I've downloaded the calibration file for my mic and successfully loaded it. However, I'm a little confused about whether I need to...
  6. REW Newb, first set of measurements in ded. listening room

    REW Forum
    Hi all, hopefully this is ok to post here, if not please delete mods. I built a small, treated room in my basement for my 2.2 setup. It's 12.5 x 9.5 with a 9' ceiling. Ceiling is unfinished with insulation stuffed in between the joists to damp sound to the above room (unfortunately our master...
  7. REW for Subwoofer Newb Questions

    REW Forum
    Hi guys, I went through some of the available resources but still wasn't 100% on some of these things. - For measuring a subwoofer, do you still place the mic at the listener position or in front of the subwoofer? - I tried placing my mic in listener position but it was not making any readings...
  8. Total newb, where to start?

    DIY Speakers
    Hi, Been lurking off and on for the last couple of years. Just have not had the funds to really get started the way I want to. I was gifted a Sony str-d915, not sure if it's worth using, if not I can always use it for some cheap outdoor speakers no big deal. What I am looking for is a 2.0...
  9. HT Shack Newb

    New Member Introductions
    Hey Folks, This is Trevor from Northern Canada, the metropolis of Timmins to be exact. Been silently hovering over the forums for the last few years and figured I'd make an account and get involved with the community. As for an audio background, used to DJ with my father back in the 90's...
  10. Newb DIYer

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi everyone. I am a newb to woodworking and to DIY subs, but I did build my first woodworking project which was a new work bench to begin building some subs on :bigsmile: Currently my setup consists of the new SVS towers and center, and 2 PB13 ultras off of a Denon 4520. I am looking to get more...
  11. Another NEWB Requesting recommendation

    DIY Screens
    Hey Guys. I just purchased an optoma hd20 and I am looking into painting a screen and I am looking for some recommendations. Another forum suggested that I use silverfire 2.5 3.0. It seems like there may be some better suggestions here. The projector will be ceiling mounted no more than 11 feet...
  12. Newb help.

    DIY Screens
    I need help decideing what type and material I need. I want a screen that I can hear my speakers through. I have inwall speakers that i'm using for my 55" wall mounted LCD. The room size is 18'6"X 18'. The 18'6" is the side the Tv is mounted on the wall, and where the new screen will be at, I...
  13. Hello. Mr Newb cutting in.

    New Member Introductions
    As you all . Have a bit of a fanatical interest in Audio Equipment. It started in the the early 80's with my infatuation with Debra Harry. i.e BLONDIE. I was so in love. How could I meet her? Ahhh. The only way for myself to get intimate with her in any way was to listen to her on the stereo...
  14. Another Newb here need recommendation

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hello All, I just moved into a new house and slowly starting to gather everything for an entertainment system. I purchased a LG 47LK450 TV today and now I'll looking to grab a receiver/speakers/etc. The room is 12x17 with 9 foot tall ceilings. I have the whole house wired with cat5e cable and...
  15. One Newb's journey to find his "perfect" speaker

    Home Audio Speakers
    The title says it plain - I am a speaker newb / novice / insert many other terms here. After starting to read some of Nuance's speaker "VisionQuest" (ahhh the 80's movies), I thought it might be good to start a thread from the perspective of someone who has no clue what a good speaker really...
  16. complete newb..

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! I am brand new to this place. I know nothing....in fact, i know less than nothing. if i even knew that i knew nothing, that would be something; but i don't! :dontknow: However, the room analyzing software is the most intriguing thing in the world to me right now. I mix and...
  17. Newb to Projectors, please review & critique my proposed setup

    Home Theater Projectors
    I'll start with the room. The room is 12.5ft x 10ft with 6ft-11" Ceiling height, (only three sides, open at the back into the bar area). The 12.5ft wall is going to be the screen wall. The seating will be back enough to give approx 9ft of viewing distance from seated position to the screen...
  18. New(b) member

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all. I'm having problems w/installation and program of my new URC MX 450 w/MRF 260 and just joined the Shack. I'll keep trying and ask questions soon. Looks like a great source of info./help here.
  19. Driver Selection With WinISD Data... PLEASE Help A Complete Newb!!

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    good day, i am attempting to design bass modules - i hesitate to call them subwoofers, as i'm not looking for REALLY low extension - to extend the range of my monitor speakers in my 2 channel audio system. the cabinets will be sealed and need to be pretty compact, a close estimate on volume is...
  20. Rew newb alert, emm6 vs audysey mic

    REW Forum
    Hello all, I"m just learning how to use rew, and already got most of the hardware for it. I picked up the Emm6 with the OSP USB adapter for a 48v phantom power, and I also have the audysey mic for my onkyo rc180. Since I have no rca out to the amp at the moment so i thought i would measure my...