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  1. NFL Draft

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    Anybody else get into the NFL Draft? I know it's way overhyped and only getting worse but I just can't get enough. I research the players, follow all of the mock drafts (senseless), and watch the entire draft selection by selection. I'm sure I'm in the minority but I just love it!
  2. Xbox One and the NFL to Stream Games at 60 FPS

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    Gaming consoles have radically changed over the last thirty years, well beyond the obvious improvements in graphics, interface, and player connectivity. Sony and Microsoft’s last iterations – the PS3 and Xbox 360 – shattered the mold of traditional consoles and gave users more functionality...
  3. NFL Sunday Ticket MX-3000 program

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    I came up with a program to make watching Sunday football fun for family and friends. Touch a team and watch the game!!!! What do you think??
  4. NFL streaming to smart phones, Verizon pays $1 billion for the rights

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    Customer's of the Verizon service will be able to stream more football games over their smart phones, further indication that the TV "game" is changing. Streaming live TV over mobile devices is more appreciated by consumers than downloading the same content after it airs. Already there are...
  5. NFL Player related tragic incident...

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    KC Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend and then drove to Arrowhead stadium after being confronted by GM Scott Pioli shot himself. Crazy stuff going on with my team.
  6. NFL has arrived

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    My favorite time of the year has arrived the NFL is back by end of this month it gets cool outside and I get to watch football on my new projector!! The only down fall is the agreement with the wife to watch her shows during the week
  7. sound on NFL Network

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    Hey guys, is it me or does tonights game on NFL network sound awesome?
  8. iHip NFL Team Universal TV Remote Control - Only $9.99 - Save 60%

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    Only $9.99 60% OFF | MSRP: $24.95 8021 Avaialable | 21 Sold as of 01/20/11 5:50pm CST Free Shipping
  9. Ultimate NFL Blu-ray review

    Pro football is always at the top of our list of things that are great to watch in high definition, so it's no surprise we were all over the new Ultimate NFL Blu-ray disc that comes to stores this week. The league's video production unit, NFL Films has put together a collection of footage...
  10. Poll: How does NFL RedZone compare to DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket?

    Even though they can't add NFL Sunday Ticket to your programming package, most of DirecTV's competitors are offering the NFL RedZone Channel now. Of course, it's fought back with a recent ad featuring a disappointed couple find out all their friends are skipping their game day celebration to go...
  11. NFL Network, Redzone Channel could be coming to more cable companies

    If your cable company hasn't offered NFL Network so far, keep an eye out, as the league's station and the National Cable Television Cooperative are opening it and NFL Redzone up to the co-op's members. The group claims 17 of the 20 largest cable companies in the country as it's members...
  12. NFL 2010

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    It is that time of the year! Still not over my Colts dropping the Super Bowl to the Saints last season. I'm not sure I'll ever be over that onsides kick and the ensuing 90 seconds where the officials had absolutely no clue what they were doing...but I digress :) Visited Colts Training Camp a...
  13. DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket adds SuperFan (HD games, Red Zone) for all, streaming is extra

    With football season ready to kick off yet again there's still no good news for those who want Sunday Ticket without DirecTV, but if you do have the right satellite hookup then there are a few new wrinkles in 2010. First the bad news, at five payments of $59.99 the price has risen yet again...
  14. NFL Network brings summer football, Canadian style

    Happy Canada Day everyone, usually we just skip right on by to our own Independence Day but we're giving our up north neighbors props since their football is coming our way this summer, and in high definition. The NFL Network announced it is airing 14 Canadian Football League games in 2010...
  15. NFL Redzone Channel to air in stadiums during games

    Add another use to the high definition scoreboards and displays liberally spread throughout every sports stadium these days, since the NFL announced its NFL Redzone channel will be shown during games. Replacing the NFL Films highlights package, fans at the game can see teams inside the 20...
  16. Drew Brees lands Madden NFL 11 cover gig

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    New Orleans Saints QB and Super Bowl XLIV MVP will grace box of EA Sports' NFL-authorized football sim, due out in August on the PS2, PS3, PSP, 360, Wii, and iPhone. It's safe to say 2010 has been a good year for Drew Brees. The NFL quarterback led his team, the New Orleans Saints, to...
  17. Madden NFL 11: Vote for the Cover

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    EA Sports is letting fans decide the cover athlete of Madden NFL 11, but there's only one correct choice. In the past few years, the decision on who would end up on the cover of Madden has become an increasing spectacle. For Madden 08, Tennessee's quarterback Vince Young made the cover, only...
  18. Pro Football NFL

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    Do we have any pro football fans hangin' out? Just finished watchin' the last part of the Colts vs. Patriots game. Colts win. My wife is a big Peyton Manning fan. I would kinda like to see them do well this year myself.
  19. The NFL Today show to be in HD for the first time

    Filed under: Programming, CBS Sorry for the possible late notice, but on a story that should definitly be filed under About time! CBS's The NFL Today show will go HD. Although the article doesn't say when, we can only assume it will be today. This upgrade is to coincide with their new studio and...
  20. NFL HD Programming on DirecTV CH 95

    Filed under: Programming, Satellite TV We had a good feeling about this, we mentioned it on our NFL Preseason post and on our last Podcast, and we were very happy to get confirmation this morning. The Jets vs. the Buccaneers this morning was the first HD Preseason game replayed on the NFL...