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  1. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Picked up a Super Nintendo today.. Was really wanting to play the old school games like donkey kong Mario kart and man those games are pricey for being almost 20 years old
  2. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Nintendo required to pay ex-Sony engineer $15 million for 3D patent Nintendo has been ordered to pay ex-Sony engineer Seijiro Tomita $15 million in compensation for use of his 3D imaging patent in 3DS consoles. CVG reports that Tomita won the case back in March and...
  3. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Nintendo files lawsuit against website “blatantly promoting and selling” R4 devices Nintendo has filed a lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida against the owner of the website HackYourConsole for “blatantly promoting and selling” unauthorized Nintendo games along with...
  4. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Nintendo quietly courts indies without “making a big fuss”, devs say While Sony brandishes its indie pride and Microsoft publicly back pedals on its unfriendly stance, Nintendo isn’t getting enough credit for quietly toiling away behind the scenes, according to a couple of...
  5. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    I don't have a gaming system but will most likely purchase one by end of year or by start of next year. I am so confused as to what to get.. nintendo wii u - Available November 18, 2012 - A $299.99 basic set; which contains the console (with 8 GB of memory), cables, and the touch-screen Wii U...
  6. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Just came across this news from cnet. What do you guys think of the TVii in the upcoming Nintendo Wii U?
1-6 of 81 Results