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    Ok, I have been playing with the REW for about a week now, and am quite impressed and eager to get started. I have read the help files, but I tend to be a person that learns more by doing than by reading. Problem is, I don't want to damage anything in my main system because I missed something...
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    Hi, thanks a lot for your excellent software, it would take hours to calibrate a room without it. I just plugged in a Radio Shack Digital SPL meter to my Mac and PC and as soon as I turn it on to 80db, REW shows 46db (or so), is this normal behavior? do I have a bad SPL meter? do I have a bad...
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    Hi, I recently came across REW which appears to be a great package. I am very interested in measuring the response of my 2 channel only setup. From what I understand though, REW can only be used to test 1 channel at a time? I am hoping the test tones generated by REW is in stereo. Thank you..
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    Hiya guys - I have just bought a barely used '1124 but am in the middle of a re-location (home, not av system), so I won't get to set it up for a while. However, although I have access to a number of RS SPL meters, I have a friend from out of province that would like his own... are they still...