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  1. where I am at (right now. at least...)

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    5.1 with 5 JTR T8s and Bryston PP120 amps 2 Servodrive Contrabass subwoofers and Parasound HCA 2200 MKII amp, QSC DSP-3 (with plans to upgrade to a DSP-30) Oppo 83, Lumagen HDP, JVC longthrow RS10 D-Box motion system SRP-230 for the second row. music and D-Box controller htpc...
  2. My humble set-up is finished....for now.

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    Its sure is tough to know when you are finished your HT,almost always an ongoing process,but I think I am content.The sub and the speaker stands are DYI and are quite heavy(200lbs sub,100lbs each stand),not looking forward to moving in the not too distant future!