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  1. Dead onkyo tx nr818 av

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    Hi All, Have any members who own an Onkyo manufactured between 2009 and 2012, had the audio and / or network fail. Apparently, Onkyo have initiated an extended warranty till 31 December, 2018. This is the third Onkyo AV that has died on me over a period of 7 years. Cheers, Ron Alexander...
  2. NR818 Garage Zone 3

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    I am at a loss here. Onkyo NR818. The front wide speakers are hooked up to zone 2. If the receiver is set so zone 2 and zone 3 are powered, I can play zone 3 independently in the garage. Zone 2 can be independently controlled to play the same music as the main speaker set up, and the volume can...
  3. *Help* Onkyo NR-818 (XT32) v Pioneer SC-75 or SC-77 (MCACC)

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    So I've got a dilemma I am hoping you can help me work through. I have an older Integra DTR 5.9 receiver. Its only got 4 HDMI inputs (HDMI 1.3). It also only has Audyssey 2EQ. I am driving a 5 channel set of Polk LSi speakers, which are 4 ohm and require dedicated amps, which I am using a...
  4. NR-818 setp no HDMI available on TV

    System Setup and Connection
    Have a NR-818 with a component TV. Cable box and DVD are also running component so there is no up conversion. Since the NR-818 only displays the screen on a TV with HDMI the Initial Setup Wizard that says on the NR-818 "SEE TV..." doesn't do me a bit of good. After 5 hours of messing with this...
  5. Marantz SR6007 vs. Onkyo NR818

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    I picked up a Marantz SR6007 open box for a great price, only to find that the two HDMI outputs cannot support both audio to the second TV in another room and the amp surround sound to the first. I could just get a HDMI splitter, but that would limit me to just one source to the second TV. The...
  6. NR-818, NR-929, or other

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    a question for someone with the NR-818 / NR-929 or who knows both of them. We wish to hook up the following inputs: Blue Ray / DVD (eventually HDMI but Component right now) Computer or internal Internet radio / Pandora (using optical now but can use internal if available or RCA) HD Cable box...
  7. Onkyo NR818 vs NR1010

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    Is the NR1010 worth the $500+ premium IF you are not going beyond 7.1
  8. onkyo NR_818 question

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    Hey guys so I just set up my new Onkyo(NR818) and replaced my old onkyo (SR508). My current setup is the martin logan motion 262: 2 motion 2 front speakers 1 motion 6 center speaker 2 motion 2 surround speakers dynamo 700w sub woofer It seems when I had this exact setup hooked up to my old...
  9. price for onkyo nr818

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    I have been searching everywhere online to try to find the best deal for this receiver I have read a ton of posts from people claiming the 818 is around $865.00 shipped from various dealers, such as onecall and J & R. However, I have yet to find this receiver for under $1000 from an authorized...
  10. Onkyo NR818 or Dennon AVR-2313CI

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    I am new to the home theater setup, and I need some help selecting a new A/V reciever. Currently I am using the martinlogan motion 262 speakers consisting of four motion 2 speakers( 100 watts per channel) and a center motion 6 speaker( also 100 watts per channel). I also am running a...