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  1. 2 Different numbers for RV diodes WS-55511

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Hello all couldn't find the answer in a search How I ended up with this TV one of my neighbors got rid of his Mitsubishi WS-55511 TV so I hauled it off for them. It works but the RV doesn't after reading sticky I pulled the convergence board and found 2 blue diodes or fuses bad don't know...
  2. Kinda Lost on these numbers

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    I've got a Tangband subwoofer. Its a 10inch..here are the specs. I don't understand why I'm getting negative volume DIAPHRAGM MTL Paper SURROUND MTL Foam NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 8 W DCR IMPEDANCE (3.2+3.2) W SENSITIVITY 1W/1m 88 dB FREQUENCY RESPONSE 32-600 Hz FREE AIR RESONANCE 32 Hz VOICE COIL...
  3. SPL Calibration File Numbers Question

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I may just be thinking about this the wrong way but I am a little confused as to what the numbers mean in the calibration file. From what I have noticed the calibration file is not automatically applied to measurements. Disregarding any inherent inaccuracy of the cal file itself, what I am...
  4. DirecTV raises its HD channels claim to 160, disses Dish for juking the numbers

    We hadn't even finished counting Dish's 200 channels claim when DirecTV pops up with plans to add a whole slew of new HD networks as well. By its reckoning, tossing ESPNU HD, WGN HD, MSNBC HD, some additional DirecTV Cinema Channels and more puts it over 160 "around the clock HD channels", and...
  5. Confirm L26ROY WinISD numbers

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hello Folks, I'm getting ready to do a sub using the Seas L26ROY. However, when I enter my data in WinISD alpha, the Xmax autopopulates as only 14mm, which is half of the linear Xmax, and 1/4 of the max. Can someone take a peek at this attachment and tell me how the numbers look? The only...
  6. Unibox numbers for Scanspeak 18W/8531

    DIY Speakers
    Has anyone run the sealed enclosure numbers on this driver (based on factory specs)? I am getting 22.8l for an optimum (Qts 0.707) sealed enclosure.
  7. Box design, do these numbers look right?

    DIY Speakers
    I'm playing around with different online calculators and found one at kbapps.com so I started punching in some numbers. For a 6.5" woofer Fs - 40Hz Qms - 2.75 Qes - .30 Qts - .27 Vas - 17.4 liters So the calculator is suggesting a 6.5 liter box, which looks about right to me. But, with a 3"...
  8. My build is dead! About to lose it - need some numbers and info!

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Long story short (please don't ask for more right now - I am losing it after this) my dual ED 19ov.02 LLT sono build just wont work. I am not handy and made too many errors that added up and ruined the build. I am trying to salvage it my making 2 smaller sealed sonos that I may co-locate to get...
  9. Check my numbers please?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi all - I've been working on my HT rebuild for a few weeks now and I've been planning to do a CIH setup. My wife and I watch a 50/50 mix of HDTV and Movies. I have changed my plans to an acoustically transparent screen (I think... SmX (gain of 1.16)) which allows me to use my space much...
  10. Moving REW EQ filter numbers into the BFD

    REW Forum
    I was reading a document that talked about setting frequency, fine, gain, and bandwidth in the BFD and how to do this manually (MIDI is not working yet until I get my v1.4 chip). The entering/storing part is easy enough to follow. But what I want to make sure I understanding is how to...