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  1. HT Nut

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    Hi All, my name is Bill. I have been into HT and Hot Rods since I was a teenager, which is long ago as I have been in the Auto Business and retired this year after ~40 years. I built my GR Research LS9 Line Array and Center Channel Speakers, and a "Housewrecker" Custom Sub Woofer, and power it...
  2. The Nut Job - Blu-ray Review

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  3. Another Finnish "nut" to the forum :)

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    Hello from Finland, I'm 33 years old av-hobbyist, been interested into multichannel systems from year 2000, roughly. Lately concentrated more to stereo systems, but can't give up from home theater though. I registered some time ago, have been reading REW and Audyssey Pro Kit -threads, learning...
  4. Western Massachusetts Audio Nut

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    I live here in Western Mass. Always been into hi-fi and audio. When iI got my first job I saved all my money and bought my first stereo system. The best I could afford. Harman/Kardon Citiation Eleven preamp, Citation Twelve power amp, Beogram 3000 turntable and EPI 400 speakers. That was it, I...
  5. Just another nut from good old Germany...

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    Hi folks! While I was looking for some substantial information I found this forum. I thought it's time to get part of it. Maybe I have some hints for others, too. I'll be here more or less frequently as long as I'm not retired.:wave::wave:
  6. Hello my fellow AV Nut heads!!!

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    A massive hello from Sunny England - United Kingdom :wave: I'm glad I've joined this forum. Only just noticed it recently via google and surprised to see there's loads of good knowledge being passed around and I sure don't mind being part of that :)
  7. yet another home theatre nut

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    hello to all. I thought i would become a member after all i am mad on home theatre and am searching for the system that will satisfy my hunger for that great movie experience.a I am aware of other home theatre forums and also am a member of avs and stereo net. i like all home theatre forums and...
  8. I must be a nut case

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    Just score this tonight. http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/auc.pl?ampstube&1242272614
  9. audio nut

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    :scared: hello all. my name is JR otherwise know as jimmy , from seattle , two kids , wife of 14 years , im 35 and have a career building skyscrapers. i love anything to do with electronics, home audio, car audio etc. its good to be here and thanks for having me.:mooooh:
  10. Sky nut.

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    My wife loves to photograph the sky and interesting or pretty clouds. The conditions often change so rapidly that she is often frustrated in capturing those special moments. There are lots more like this. Camera is a few years old now: A Sony DSC71 on auto settings. Images resized to...
  11. Another Dallas Nut

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    New to this site, but not completely new to HT. While I still only live in an Apartment, my living room is my HT/Computer/whatever else room. I did the typical "recent college student" type install where the speaker cables are run straight across the ceiling to each of the speakers. My...
  12. A Norwegian AV Nut...

    New Member Introductions
    Re: Who are we? :sn: :sn: :sn: Hey Everybody! :sn: :sn: :sn: I'm Erik, but you can just call me "E." I'm proud to say I'm blonde, Norwegian, and a guy...so basically I'm toast! :duh: Sorry my introduction has taken so long...we just had our third baby boy and life has been a bit crazy around...