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  1. 2017 TV Shootout Evaluation event will be in NYC, July 12 and July 13, 2017

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    We're holding our 2017 TV Shootout TM evaluation event in conjunction with CE Week NY on 7/12 - 13, 2017. Joel Silver of ISF and Kevin Miller of ISF TV will be running the event this year along with Matt and Jeff Murray of AV Pro Store. Joel and Kevin made a significant change to the event...
  2. Hello from NYC

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    Post #! :):R
  3. Hello from the N.N.J. / NYC area ...

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    Any musicians out there {on here} who are interested in collabs' ? Are we allowed to ask such a question ? Also , I was hoping to get the REW {Room EQ} software on this site ... Peace / LOVE :bigsmile:
  4. Hello from NYC!

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    Very happy to have come across this forum!
  5. NYC apartment home theater Help

    DIY Audio
    Recently my wife gave me the "ok" for a small home theater system. At first, months ago she was opposed to it after she saw the TC SOUNDS LMS 5400 ULTRA on the living room. . Since she told me NO back then, I decided to use it on my van. Yeah I did it and was very impressed how detailed and...
  6. Can I Hire someone in NYC area to consult on acoustics?

    REW Forum
    Hey guys, I have this studio/listening room. I have also REW installed, but not sure what I am doing. The shape of the room is so weird and it's beyond my understanding of acoustics. was wondering if anyone in NYC area could come and tell me how to EQ my K&H o300 for a reasonable fee using...
  7. Hello from NYC

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    Hi everyone, I am a new member from NYC. Long time fan of audio visual equipment, though this tends to be tough in the confines of a Manhattan apartment. Even tougher, when your wife is not a fan of big clunky boxes and wires! D
  8. BFD REW Help in Brooklyn/Williamsburg NYC

    REW Forum
    Hi guys, I got myself in a real mess with this BFD sub EQ'ing business and would really like to meet up with someone in the Brooklyn/Williamsburg NY area who could give me some hands-on help with creating a flat response and a house curve. I could spare a $100 for your time and experience if we...
  9. RCN starts offering TiVo Premieres in NYC

    RCN's Netflix, Amazon VOD and HD UI-lacking TiVo Premiere boxes are now available to Empire State customers, the first region outside of Washington D.C. to get access. It looks like the bundle packages vary from D.C.'s slightly based on internet speed, but adding a Premiere on is still a $19.95...
  10. Hello from NYC

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    Hey there, Just joined - first and only HT forum I am joining. I have lurked around at quite a few and the folks here are definitely the most knowledgable, fair, and friendly. I am fairly new at buying components over in the box stuff, so I researched the threads here and have a couple of...
  11. Home Theater Equipment Stores - NYC

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    I'll be going to HE2007 soon and does anyone know what stores to goto to look at home theater equipment in the NYC area?