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  1. Home Theater Design and Construction
    Having followed along here and at the AVS forum, I'd come to the conclusion that I'd do the wall behind my AT screen with 2" OC703 and use 2" OC703 for corner bass traps. But, I was going to line the side and back walls with 1" Linacoustic covered by GOM. However, it turns out that the local...
  2. Home Audio Acoustics
    I'm at the chop saw cutting all of my 1x3's and my wife asks if I want to do the compression fit or have backs on these frames. We cut the sides exactly 48" and then the ends 1/4 shy of what they needed to be (butt joint), layed the panels inside and then just squeezed them together and nail...
  3. Home Audio Acoustics
    I am planning to DIY some 2" panels without any wood frame. Thinking about using adhesive spray and apply it to the front and back of the OC703 to glue the fabric to the panel. Probably decorative fabric on the front and some cheap muslin on the back of the panel. To hang on the wall, I can...
  4. Home Audio Acoustics
    I often hear that OC705 is better for building bass traps. However every time I see a comparison of absorption characteristics OC703 seems to absorb more @ 125 Hz. Here is an example, ATS comparo What am I missing here?
  5. Home Audio Acoustics
    Is there any real difference between Rock wool, Acoustic cotton and OC703? Is one more efficient then the other or more efficient at different frequencies? Where can I find info on this?
1-5 of 5 Results