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  1. Offset on impedance measurements

    REW Forum
    Hi, I recently made some impedance measurements on a 18" bass-reflex enclosure, with 4 successive mechanical arrangements. The following measurements were performed in exactly the same conditions. You observe that the floors of the curves are different, and by far. What could be the explanation...
  2. Data Offset +315dB data way out of range

    REW Forum
    Hello I am trying to get some decent data using REW (latest) on an iMac, and using a Behringer ECM8000 Mic attached to Focusrite Clarett8Pre, The data I get is way off. When I generate e.g. the waterfall, the data is out of bounds. The diagram is limited to 180dB max, but the info button tells...
  3. t=0 offset (distance) very buggy and strange spike impulse <20Hz

    REW Forum
    In the controls of the impules graph there are 3 t=0 offset adjustments t=0 offset (samples) t=0 offset (ms) t=0 offset (distance) 1. The "t=0 offset (distance)" does not accept negative distances(with the up/down buttons) 2. The "t=0 offset (distance)" changes "-1 ft" into "-11 in" 3. The...
  4. REW V5 impedance measurement showing large offset

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Im completely new to measuring speakers. I wanted to measure the impedance of a speaker such that I could determine the TS parameters but the obtained results so far are not correct. To measure the impedance I have build the very simple jig with just a single 100ohm resistor. To make sure that...
  5. Understanding SPL offset (UMIK-1)

    REW Forum
    Hello, I am using the UMIK-1 (Calibration file 700-9345) and Win7 for a student project and want to comprehend the final step of SPL computation in REW. I understand the steps for frequency- and time-weighting (dBA/C/Z, Slow/Fast). I located "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\room eq...
  6. interchannel timing offset

    REW Forum
    Hi, I would like to ask what is the mean reason for this message ' a timing offset 0.99 samples was detected between the measured and reference channels, it will be compensated for, but it is unusual. Im calibrating left and right level with amplifier and speaker and sound card. thanks in...
  7. Offset Data - IR

    REW Forum
    JohnM, I often offset a measurement and add the offset to the data. This works fine for the SPL data. Today I wanted to compare 2 IR's (and Step Responses) without normalizing them. Since one IR was imported from HolmImpulse it needed to be scaled, but the applied offset did not actually...
  8. Driver offset ?

    DIY Speakers
    When inputing driver offsets into Passive Crossover Designer or SW do you measure the distance of the driver offsets from center to center or edge to edge. Common sense tellsme center to center but I want to be sure Thanks Mike