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    Limited Edition XBR-55X900C w/LG OLED EA8800 frame/audio system Sony X900C 4K UHD w/LG high performance 100w 3-way audio system built-into LG's OLED audio canvas frame. You might ask how did this happen... We sold 12 LG OLED EA8800s as monitors which left us with a dozen beautiful frames...
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    As we’ve learned over the past several years, definitive R&D commitments from OLED television manufacturers have been sketchy at best. It’s a wishy-washy bunch. Sony and Panasonic enjoyed a brief 18-month OLED TV venture before calling it quits in December 2013 (they re-joined in 2014 to...
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    We're starting to get official specs, prices and allocation information for LG's 2015 line-up of 4K OLED TVs. Here's the 55EG9600 and 65EG9600. Enjoy! -Robert
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    Yesterday, LG made a huge splash at CES 2015; knees tucked and jumping from a high dive, ripples still inhabit the pool. The South Korean electronics giant introduced its new television lineup, new gaming monitors, and a new smart TV platform. It would appear that enthusiasts looking for a...
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    Pls all of u who received their pre orders from Robert , post their views and pictures here! Happy New Year!
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    Samsung was in, then possibly in, and then it was out…and the company is beginning to indicate that “out” might just be where it remains. Last year the electronics giant wowed us all with an OLED television that promised to be the first in a long line of OLED models that enthusiasts had been...
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    It sure is a show stopper. Even my 9G Kuro and 60VT60 look pretty bland compared to the LG 9800. I will wait it out another gen and see if they offer a 60" for under 5k within a year. I should have never looked at one.
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    OLED (pronounced O-led; organic light-emitting diode) technology has been the next darling-in-waiting for years, making just enough noise to be noticed but seemingly forever in development. Meanwhile, LCD tech has become an industry favorite, helping to kill plasma and remaining the go to...
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    Just got an update from our LG contacts about the launch of LG's 4K 65" and 77" OLED TVs. Take a look at our 4K OLED dedicated site for the surprising price and features, like the wider color pallet, DCI and other exclusive OLED features. -Robert
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    'Affordable' is relative, of course, but it looks like LG is really trying to push their 55EA9800. It's being sold now for around 5 grand, which is less than half of what it used to go for.
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    The television landscape has radically changed in recent years, amounting to a roller coaster ride of dizzying technologies for consumers to process. We’ve seen a push from 720p to Full HD...2D to 3D...Plasma to LCD...LCD to LED LCD...the death of plasma and the introduction of OLED...and, now...
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    Just placed my PO for LG's complete OLED TV line-up and two models are shipping today to our NY Showroom. Both are 55", one curved and one flat series, 55EA8800 and the EA559800. The newer series, 55EA8800 is flat and is designed to look like a art with stunning museum quality famous paintings...
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    We are rapidly closing-in on CES 2014 and a sure-shot landslide of tantalizing new electronics products. Over the next several weeks Home Theater Shack will highlight some of the more interesting news coming out of Las Vegas. Kicking-off our highlight parade is a company that is familiar to...
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    Organic Light Omitting Diode (OLED) display technology has been simmering in the background for quite some time. Believe it or not, but nearly seven years have passed since Sony first introduced their ridiculously priced industry-first 24.5-inch OLED display. We’ve since heard near fantasy...
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    GITEX Shopper ( Gulf Information Technology Exhibition Shopper), which takes pace every year in Dubai World Trade Center, is one of the most important tech exhibitions in the Arab world. This year, it opened on Saturday October 5th, with LG unveiling the world's first Curved OLED TV. LG shows...
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    And I do mean flying..... This one just arrived today via JFK and the lucky owner will begin enjoying this beauty this afternoon. Enjoy!! -Robert
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    CNET just published an article featuring Value Electronics about the availability of OLED and some of the benefits of OLED over other display technologies. Good reading! -Robert
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    Take a look at this pdf data sheet on Samsung's OLED TV. Lots of exclusive information released now on this data sheet. Any questions or comments? Enjoy! -Robert
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    This past January, LG and Samsung put some curved OLED TVs on display at the 2013 CES. Now, LG has announced that their curved screen TVs will, later this year, hit the U.K. market. Does curved OLED provide an immersive viewing experience? Because of the smaller screen size of the TVs, in...
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21-40 of 86 Results