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  1. Onyko 818 help

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    Using Sony 4K non hdr tv . Using it with new devices like Roku 4K but running roku in 1080p through receiver what setting should I set my only to 4K upconvert? 1080/24p or 1080p I know it’s obselete but must be ways of using it with newer stuff. My 4K Blu-ray is only hooked to tv. It’s...
  2. Onyko NR-5009 to Denon AVR-X7200WA

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I'm Switching from the 3 Year old Onkyo that I has to be send back for the HDMI recall but will be back in 3 Weeks. So I'm getting the Denon. I'm I making the right decision to go with the Denon and when I get the Onkyo back sell it please give some suggestions or advice anything would be great...
  3. Onyko M-504

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    When I turn my amp on both needles go all the way to the right. Nothing!
  4. Onyko -Green Screen

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    I did not see a recevier section in the video area so I figured I would post here. I have an Onyko 806 receiver that I have had for several years, and recently started to get a green screen issue. The picture will display, go to green, then black and back to the video. This happens with the...
  5. FS: Onyko TX-NR805 HDMI 1.3 Receiver

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    I have a nearly new Onkyo TX-NR805 Receiver for sale. I've only owned this unit for a couple months, since shortly after it was released. It has been well taken care of and never pushed extensively. I only watched movies at -20dB so I never really put strain on the receiver itself. I still...