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  1. Optoma CinemaX P1 4K UHD/HDR Short Throw Laser Projector

    Home Theater Projectors
    Optoma's CinemaX P1 4K UHD/HDR Short Throw Laser Projector is scheduled to launch in the USA on September 15, 2019. Here's the .pdf spec sheet. Optoma states the peak luminance at up to 3,000 Nits. 4K refresh rate is 30Hz and the CinemaX P1 uses TI's .47 DMD DLP and an eight segment RGB color...
  2. Strange lights outside the frame, Optoma HD29

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi everyone, I wonder if you have seen anything like this outside the frame of a DLP projector image, in this case, an Optoma HD29Dupree: Imgur It's darker than the black of the image but still pretty noticeable at night. Did something happen to the projector or is it just normal? Doesn't...
  3. Optoma HD70 clicking problems (Video)

    Home Theater Projectors
    I just got a used Optima HD70 that was working great until last night. It shut down correctly. This morning I turned it on again and the orange LED lights flash and the power light stays green but no fan turns on, no light turns on and all I can hear is a slight clicking sound inside the case...
  4. Optoma h181x Vs NEC NP-V300W Vs EPSON EH-TW570

    Home Theater Projectors
    hi which one is better for home theater and gaming?
  5. Epson 3020, Benq HT1075, or Optoma HD141X

    Home Theater Projectors
    Which one would you pick and why ?
  6. Confused - Which Optoma?

    Home Theater Projectors
    I am ready to upgrade my old faithful Infocus X9. I have a ceiling mount and cannot change throw very much at all. I have 9' ceilings in my basement and i sit about 12' from a 100" screen. We watch mostly at night with occasional afternoon football games. Light control is pretty good as windows...
  7. optoma hd180 white specks

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi, recently hooked up a optoma hd180 which is very similar to the hd20. However while watching a movie etc... i nptice there are white specks all over the screen and they kind of flash, kind of moves too. Its all over what can be wrong?
  8. Buying new projector, thinking of the Optoma H180X

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi everyone, My Optoma HD600x's motherboard apparently died because of dust (I never covered my projector, not very smart). Shopping around I spotted the new Optoma H180 I heard it's a data projector (not that good for video), is it true? Overall does it seem like a good choice for someone...
  9. Optoma HD23 projector with problems

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hello I'm in the process of putting together the family home theater room, and more than year ago, I bought and Optoma HD23 projector. But since the HT room was still under development, I stored it, thinking that it will take some weeks or couple of months, but it turn into 1 year. So, 1 year...
  10. Optoma HD300X screen delay?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me solve my issue, I purchased an Optoma HD300X 3D 1080p projector from ebay, it was cheap because it was missing a bulb (and therefore has no warranty either) I replaced the bulb and initially it seemed to work perfectly well. Several years ago I had...
  11. Really need help with Optoma HD65 problem

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    So around February I had a color wheel problem and decided to open my Optoma HD65 up and clean the wheel. Everything was fine, I placed everything back exactly where it was after I'd finished and when I plugged it back in nothing happens. No LEDs on the top light up and I can hear some very...
  12. Optoma color wheel replacement

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi, I have a Optoma H78DC3 projector and, while in use, I heard a fairly loud pop sound and then, the color went green - yellow, then the lamp shut down. When I removed the lamp to inspect the damage, I noticed that the color wheel partially broke (pieces of glass, missing a color segment). I...
  13. Troubleshooting 3D on Optoma w303

    System Setup and Connection
    I will be as detailed as possible to hopefully keep the thread posts short and also maybe help others with their experiences. I will highlight all pertinent information and keywords to reduce unnecessary reading for those without the time to read such a long-worded post. I recently purchased a...
  14. Help and advice for painted screen options (SW or BM preferably)

    DIY Screens
    Brand new at this and my eyeballs are bleeding after lurking on several HT boards out there, but I've settled on this place to get some information (thanks well in advance). I have my projector setup and for my first pass at this, I want to go with a painted screen. I'm thinking a gray screen...
  15. Optoma HD131Xe ???

    Home Theater Projectors
    Ok, so now I have a 3rd option in my projector upgrade...Does anybody have one of these? Here are my options so far-- Optoma HD131Xe Epson 2030 BenQ W1070 The Epson is the only LCD projector and that's what I originally wanted, but Sound and Vision magazine just gave it a pretty bad review, so...
  16. Optoma EH300 or Optoma HD25-LV

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi..i have not been on the site for a bit..i thinking of getting a new PJ and was looking at the Optoma EH300 (black in color) or the Optoma HD25-LV (white in color) and they both have full 1080P 3D in them already, the eh300 has a 3500 lumens and the hd25 lv has 3200 lumens, some sites same...
  17. Paint recommendation for Optoma HD25e (light cannon) projector.

    DIY Screens
    Hi Guys, Mechman/wbassett/Harpmaker !!! :wave: It has been a while… :innocent: :olddude: Finally after almost 4 years of using happly Optoma HD65 (1600 lumens) on BW 110” screen :clap: :T I pulled the trigger on a new projector Optoma HD25e (1080P/3D). Overall HD25e is very good...
  18. Optoma HD-25 Screen Options

    DIY Screens
    Hey everyone, unfortunately I have another "HALP I NEED ADVICE" thread for you guys. At least it's for a newer projector with little info on the web specific to painting for it :) Anyways, I just picked up my Optoma HD-25 a few weeks ago and so far it's pretty nice, however I am just not...
  19. Optoma HD65 Calibration Settings??

    Video Calibration
    Anyone got some calibrations settings for an Optoma HD65 projector? I'm connected with HDMI. It's primarily for Xbox and watching movies through my PC.
  20. Optoma HD8200 or Epson 8350

    Home Theater Projectors
    i was hoping to get some thoughts about these two projectors. I had my mind set on the Epson 8350 but just saw the Optoma HD8200 for about $300 more than the 8350. From what I've read it seems like the 8200 is a little higher end but a little older. I've read (and seen) great things about the...