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  1. REW Forum
    Attempting initial run on Friday afternoon while I have house to myself, real work done tomorrow when my first batch of questions get answered, and here's one now; - d/l the cal. file for my RS analog meter, but where do I upload it to? EDIT: disregard, found it. Meanwhile, here's what I...
  2. SVSound
    Just made a deal on a used PB12+/2 with the 12.3 drivers. Very eager to pick it up this weekend and get some real bass working in my living room. This unit will be replacing my DT SuperCube2, which never seemed to be very accurate. It could fill the space with a lot of low frequency noise...
  3. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    **SOLD** SVS Pb12+/2 FS :heehee:I have two :scared:(2) standard black SVS PB12+/2 Subs that are 4 Sale. They came with the 12.2 drivers b. u. t. ... I have purchased the 12.3's and installed them. $650 :foottap::hsd: *******************Both have been sold!**********************
  4. SVSound
    I've few SVS subs including PC+ 25-31, PB12+/2 & SB12+! Guys, I'd like to get your suggestions whether it's worth upgrading my PB12+/2 to PC Ultra? Many thanks in advance. sunil
  5. SVSound
    Yes I know that sounds like a ridiculous comparison, but it is what I currently own. Plus, I was bored to tears last night as we still don't have cable after the storm that swept through St. Louis last week took out the lines. I haven't touched my old "******" Aiwa sub since I purchased the...
1-5 of 5 Results