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  1. Ordered OPPP BDP 105d

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    I just ordered my new OPPO BDP 105D. It should be delivered later next week. I listen to allot of 2 channel music & want to take advantage of the SABRE32 Reference ES9018 DAC from ESS Technology included in the player. I want to try SACD/FLAC through xlr analog setup. I also understand the...
  2. Just ordered my mic... very excited to use REW for my room corrections

    REW Forum
    My room right now is bare other then a 13' long couch along the back wall. Whats amazing is when the couch was along the back wall all the way up to it and then compared to moving that same couch away from the wall by 5 inches the room started to ring really bad after moving it away. I'm well...
  3. ordered somthing big

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    well I said forget the car sub/cheap sub build and I just went and ordered a stereo integrity ht 18 $159 with free shipping so excited :D oh yeah in the end it will be well worth it. how long will it take to get this sub.
  4. Ordered the Denon X4000... hope it works out OK

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Ordered it for 600 from accessories4less.com. My main interest was to try the dual sub EQ and the airplay/2nd room features will work out good for me. I'll be able to dedicate two channels on the amp to drive some ceiling speakers for my wife to airplay and use the HDMI zone 2 for the TV on...
  5. Ordered my first Screen

    Manufactured Screens
    Well, I finally bought a manufactured screen..I ordered an Elite 106" CineWhite fixed screen...I have a Epson Powerlite 2000 3D LCD projector...This will basically be a test to see if it looks better than my painted DIY screen...Do you think I will notice a huge difference in picture...
  6. Ordered my new Projector!!

    Home Theater Projectors
    Well, I finally sold my old projector (Epson 710HD)..it had about 1200 hours on it and I got $300 for it. I took that $300 and put it straight toward my new one :) I wanted full 1080p and 3D this time, so I wound up purchasing the Epson Powerlite 2000. I wanted to stay with Epson for their...
  7. Just ordered an amp for the SI 18 :)

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Recently I was a won a sweet Stereo Integrity sub/driver here at the Shack and I did choose the 18" Dual 2-ohm sub as it has been sitting in the basement for about 3 or so months. However.... a few days ago I saw an add posted giving away a free already finished sub cabinet built for an 18"...
  8. Onkyo NR-709 ordered

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I just ordered the 709 from A4L. Very excited to get a more recent AVR. New HDMI cables ordered from Parts Express too.
  9. New pair of PB12-NSD ordered

    Hello everyone, I've been reading these forums for a while and finally decided to join since I ordered a pair of PB12-NSD today. I'm currently out of the country so the flight home should be super exciting knowing I have new toys on the way! I want to thank Ed Mullen and everyone who posted...
  10. I've ordered a Onkyo TX NR709

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Is there anything peculiar to using this AVR that I should be aware of? My present AVR is a Onkyo TX DS575X, which is about 12 years old. It has worked flawlessly until a few weeks ago when it developed the annoying habit of resetting itself when powered down. I don't appreciate having to reset...
  11. Warranty and Problems When Ordered on Internet

    Extended Warranties
    Internet is the best place to shop for good price, but the cheapest price is not always the best price. Here is the experience I had. I found a very good price on internet for a Velodyne DD-15. But before I bought, I did some research, they have a real store (brick and mortar), they also sell...
  12. STS-02 and Centre Ordered - crossing my fingers..

    Hi guys and gals, Just got off the phone with SonicBoom audio and for $48 X 2 (shipping costs) I thought I should give them a try. So I purchased the STS-02 and matching center channel and I think I got a pretty good price. Remember, I am up here in Canada so it's not the same deal as down in...
  13. Anyone ordered from this place? WS-65869 questions as well.

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    I was just curious if anyone has ordered from tvrepairkits.com? They have a full pico fuse and resistor kit, and then they carry the IC for my TV. Also I saw some people say that the best replacement for my TV is the STK394-160, but then I saw some other forum where they said that putting this...
  14. Ordered STS-02 SCS-02 SSS-02 today

    I finally ordered the package, these will be paired with my PB12 plus to complete my SVS HT setup. I just wanted to share my excitement. I've been away from the forum for a long time, but plan on being more active in the future.:T
  15. Ordered a sub FINALLY!

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Well after a long while of looking and reading, i finally ordered my sub. I went with the TCA 18.2 and from what i hear this thing is a monster. Ive never had a real sub for HT so im sure my jaw will drop at the first sound of it. I still have my 2 DIY subs that i need to get an amp for but...
  16. Ordered Gear!!!

    REW Forum
    My wife gave me $150 for my B-Day. Just got finished ordering a DSP1124P, UCA202, and assundry cables to try to tame my subwoofers (DIY 18" Maelstrom-X Gen II in a 24" sealed box and a Paradigm PDR-12). Already have the RatShack SPL meter (new analog). Price just pushed past the 150 mark...
  17. has anyone ordered from av123 lately?

    AV Home Theater
    Has anyone ordered anything from av123 and received their goods lately?
  18. Just ordered SVS

    Just ordered the following: STS-01 - Front L&R SCS-01 - Center SBS-01 - Rear L&R still trying to decide if i'm going with teh PB12-NSD or make the move and go for the PC12-Plus. Has anyone heard these two subs? i can only imagine the PC12-Plus is a night and day difference. Can't wait!
  19. Ordered DAC

    Audio Processing
    Based on everyone's recommendation, I've decided to go ahead and get a DAC. I wanted something that I could use the optical out from my Macbook Pro and receive digital coax from my DVR. I also wanted to keep it inexpensive. I looked at a bunch of reviews and tried to match my price...
  20. Ordered my first SB-12 Plus subwoofer

    Ordered my first SB-12 Plus subwoofer Soon I'll be taking off with you guys :0) :yay: