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  1. Anyone going to Jaxx Fest in New Orleans

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    I have not been able to go for quite a few years but it would be great to hear some reports from those who do.
  2. Greeting From New Orleans

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    Hi, It's Mardi Gras day, and yes, I had to work - the movie theatres around here do a lot of busniess today. I work for a major movie projector manufacturer and also do audio/automation/lighting work there as well. I am interested in trying to get REW to help me get my audio calibrated with...
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  4. Hello from New Orleans!

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    Well after getting the itch again I'm starting to work at my HT setup again. By no means am I a pro or anywhere close. I'm a full time college student and work part time trying to get enough money to spread around for my many expensive hobbies (car audio, car customizing, four wheeling, and of...