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  1. Outdoor TV enclosure for 55inch LG

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Guys, I have baught a new 55inch LG TV for my backyard in our new house. I am planning to buy a TV cover/enclosure to protect it as we do not have a shade for the TV outside. Is there any recommendation for the enclosure suppliers? Or please kindly give me some advice. Many thanks.
  2. Connecting Outdoor Living Space To Receiver

    AV Home Theater
    Hi All, I am in the process of building an outdoor living space and want to run a pair of outdoor speakers off of zone 2 on my Integra DTR 30.1. The distance is ~100 ft and the receiver is tucked away nicely in a cabinet in the basement. I am wondering what options there are to control the...
  3. Outdoor Room Modes!?

    Pro Audio
    Some buddies of mine played an outdoor gig on a concrete stage under a wooden, shingled roof. All four sides were open to the surrounding fair. Word has it (I wasn't there) that band members experienced a strange phenomenon with certain bass notes: the frequencies seemed to reinforce and...
  4. Outdoor Rock Speaker Recommendations

    Home Audio Speakers
    What are some of the best outdoor rock speaker recommendations? Thanks
  5. Outdoor screen

    General Screen Discussion
    I've been planning to set up a summer outdoor cinema on my covered patio. The throw distance would be like 17' and the picture height about 5'6". What kind of screen are we talking about? It should be pretty sturdy so it wouldn't flap around in every little whisk of wind. It should be totally...
  6. outdoor theater

    AV Home Theater
    So I've been thinking about doing this for some time but never wanted to spend the money. Well I finally decided to do it and started shopping around. My goal was to have the best system that was super easy to setup and teardown for less than $1k. I think I've accomplished my goal and couldn't...
  7. Outdoor system

    System Setup and Connection
    This past fall I finished my HTR and it came out great. I now want to add two speakers outside on my deck. My current HTR receiver has a second zone that I can use to connect the two outdoor speakers to. The only issue I see is that my HTR is in the basement and I don't want to go up and down...
  8. Need advice on OUTDOOR speakers and sub

    Home Audio Speakers
    I'm wanting to put some outdoor speakers on the eves of my pool house as well as a small sub. speakers i have looked at Nuvo NVAP28OSB $124 each osd AP850 70V $ 170 each polk Atrium 55 $ 130 pair Yahama AW570 $ 180 pair or suggest another please **have no idea what sub to...
  9. New guy needs advice for an outdoor theater sub

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I've been bitten by the back yard theater bug and am looking to upgrade my sound system. Last year I had access to a pair of JBL EON powered PA speakers I ran in stereo via mackie mixer. I am in the market for some gear of my own and have been considering several options. I have been leaning...
  10. How to Connect Four Outdoor Speakers

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a quandry. I want to install four outdoor speakers (two under the eaves and two rock speakers). I would also like to install a single in-wall volume control for all four speakers. I will be connecting the speakers to a powered zone 2 on a Yamaha RX-V673 receiver. Its it better to wire...
  11. Outdoor speaker storage for winter?

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hi all. Hope this is the correct place to put this. I have a couple of Boston Acoustic Soundware indoor/outdoor speakers I installed this fall. Once it gets cold enough we won't be outside, I was thinking about taking them down & storing them just to be cautious. However, I was interested in...
  12. Outdoor screen, how big is too big?

    General Screen Discussion
    Heres a shot of what Ive created in the back yard: 106" screen driven by a Mitsubishi HC3000, specs here. I have a 52,000 square foot yard with fairly good light control so Ive got the ability to go much bigger, and a larger screen wont be installed on the shed (Id like to go...
  13. Outdoor Cheap Screen idea...

    DIY Screens
    So i am hosting Hunger Games Movie night at my house This Sunday, and wanted to see what you all thought about this... I am looking to use a 9x12 piece of precut vinyl flooring from lowes it is actually already solid white with no lines/ grooves in it at all, I am planning to build a border out...
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  15. Outdoor Waterproof Digital Camera & Camcorder - Only $49.99 - Save 50%

    Great Deals and Specials
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  16. Outdoor FM Antenna Recommendations Needed

    System Setup and Connection
    (I'm not sure where to post this so if it should be moved somewhere more appropriate please do so.) Having solved my initial video and speaker wiring challenges, I've now got several FM tuners inside of my two equipment closets and would like to get them a decent signal to work with. I can get...
  17. Outdoor Screen Recommendations

    General Screen Discussion
    Moved into a new place about two years ago, and am finally getting the backyard theater in proper shape. Need some ideas for the screen. First some context... Last summer required dragging a sheet of doable and mounting on the fence with mirror clips every movie night... along with running...
  18. Outdoor speakers, are they needed ?

    System Setup and Connection
    Please look at the picture with the red circles, this is where I want to put up two ceiling speakers. I'm wanting to use these speakers, Micca M-8C In-Ceiling Speakers, see picture Do you think I can get by with mounting the Micca speakers where I have it marked? Would you consider them to...
  19. Outdoor for campground

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hello, I'm looking for some suggestions for a decent all purpose outdoor projector to be used to show movies at a campground. The owners built a rather large screen 16x9 using four 4'x8' sheets of plywood and then got a very inexpensive (child's toy) projector that had to be returned because...
  20. Getting sound to the outdoor pergola area...

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hi to all on this forum. I am a new member and was really hoping to get some advice. Currently i have a home theatre room... well, its coming along i should say. I purchased some av plates not too long ago. This included a plate with 2 speaker points and a network point in the middle followed...