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  1. 12v relay controlled outlet

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    I want to be able to power on my DIY power amp via the 12v control on my Yamaha CXA5100 preamp...does anyone know of a device i could plug into a outlet, and the plug the amp into it that would turn the amp on and off? I have Insteon outdoor outlets, but they control via the powerline.
  2. Simple 5v/12v Trigger Power Switched Outlet

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    I thought I'd share a recent project in case it would be helpful for anyone else out there... ***** WARNING - This project involves working with 120V A/C circuits. Do not attempt unless you are thoroughly familiar with proper wiring and safety practices ***** I use a Crown CTs600 power amp to...
  3. HTD Outlet B-Stock Sale

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    I received this email earlier today... Just thought we'd let you know a week early about a B-Stock sale we will be running July 4-10. As a previous customer, we are making the coupon code available to you NOW! Enter "savejuly4" during checkout and receive an additional 10% off our already...
  4. Looking For: Single Outlet Surge Protector for Projector

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    Hey guys, thanks for offering such a great forum. I just have a quick question: I'm trying to protect a 3000 dollar projector, and I'm not sure what kind of single socket surge protector I should use. I was thinking about using a long (30+) foot extension cord, and connecting it to my Backup...
  5. Leviton Surge Protecting Outlet

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Was wondering if anyone was using these? I was looking at the 5280, for one of my duplex outlets by the stand. My sub is in a spot that makes it tough to get to the surge protector, so I figured replacing the outlet and plugging it in direct was the best move.
  6. Belkin 12 outlet surge protector $20 free shipping

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  7. winisd to find outlet size?

    IB - Infinite Baffle Subwoofer Build Projects
    I'm planning on building an IB manifold into my living room ceiling with a pair of Fi IB318's (4ohm/each). Due to space constraints the manifold outlet will be limited to an interior opening of 19.5" across the joists, the opening running with the joists could be a few inches longer if needed...
  8. Heavy Duty Wall Outlet Extender - Similar to PS Audio's Juice Bar II

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    I'm looking for a wall outlet extender. I have several power amplifiers in my system that I want to run straight into the wall, but I only have 2 wall outlets (plugs). I don't need a surge protector, a simple heavy duty power strip without any gimmicks or technology will do. Anybody know...
  9. 20 Amp NEMA Locking Cord

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    I'm redoing my HT and I picked up a few used Krell Monos (fpb350mcx, fpb250mc) and the power cord is terminated with 20 amp NEMA (see, for example, http://www.frentzandsons.com/Hardware%20References/plugandreceptacleconfiguratio.htm#20%20Amp). Is there any audiophile wall receptacle for this...
  10. Philips 8 Outlet Home Theater Surge Protector - Only $15.99 - Save 54%

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  11. Philips 8 Outlet Home Theater Surge protector - Only $15.99 - Save 54%

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  12. Newstar Wireless Remote Control Outlet - Only $6.99 - Save 65%

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  13. White noise from sub unless everything is on same outlet

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I spend the entire day trying to fix a gain sensitive white noise and I had NO success. Switching wires ect ect ect agggr. I first got rid of a hum with a cheater plug but the white noise continued Finally I tried everything in the chain (reckhorn b-1, samson s-converter and ep4000) on the...
  14. 12V Trigger AC Outlet

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    I'm sure there are others who are dealing with the same issue. But I didn't want the EP2500 and DCX2496 on all the time. They don't have triggers on them, so there's no simple way to just make them turn on and off with your receiver or processor. But if you're like me and don't want them to be...