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  1. Time Alignment REW+UMIK & outputting HDMI to Headunit

    REW Forum
    I know this is getting kicked around here lately, but I'm still unclear on how to perform a time alignment with REW/UMIK & outputting HDMI to my cars headunit. I just upgraded to 5.15 & I'm scratching my head here on the correct setup. It appears John has migrated/created some options on the...
  2. Onkyo 3008 only outputting in Pure or Direct

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Last night I watched a movie, and everything sounded great. Switched to music, and had no audio output. Tried CD in 2 source components, and tried iPod. Found that only Pure and Direct were operational, every other mode was silent. Searched every setting I thought possible, found nothing wrong...