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  1. Hitachi
    I have a Hitachi P50S601 that comes up with a full gray screen. The blue light blinks twice then a pattern of three that keeps repeating. I have tried to remove both buffer boards to see if the tv would stay on at the top or bottom and it didn't.
  2. Hitachi
    ok so i have these tvs got the blue light flash and had the sdr boards repaired and replaced the caps that where swollen now both when i turn them on go into stand by mode and i get the orange standby light with no picture? ive tried running them with just the upper and lower to tryin test...
  3. Hitachi
    My Hitachi Plasma is having the same issue that I have been reading about in other posts. The two capacitors on the power supply are bulged at the top. I just ordered two replacements and will swap them when they arrive. I was reading on how to diagnose the issue. I pulled the upper and...
  4. Hitachi
    I think its the Y sub board. or am I wrong? I found into online that says when this happens it's the Y board. powr light flashes 2 times and then pauses then flashes 3 times over and over again. only flashes twice once then after that it's the 3 flashes over and over again. when i unplug it...
1-4 of 4 Results