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  1. best paint to use

    General Screen Discussion
    I NEED TO NO WHICH PAINT TO USE FOR BEST USE AS MY PROJECTOR SCREEN EITHER Valspar Brand 1 Gallon White ColorStyle Interior Latex Satin Enamel Wall Paint OR Valspar trade Valspar trade Base A Satin Paint base 1L Plastic container I WANT THE VERY BEST PICTURE QUALITY RESULTS USING A BENQ 2150ST...
  2. Testing ALR Projector Screen paint

    DIY Screen Development and Testing
    Hi all Thank you for contributing to the forum. I've found very useful information here! After some time reading the threads and learning, I decided to share my experiences. Any comments are very appreciated. I use a projector for watching the TV and movies at home, in a non-dedicate room...
  3. Newbie Assistance With Screen Paint Selection

    DIY Screens
    Hi folks, newbie here to projectors. We are finishing our basement and have purchased an Epson Home Cinema 3700 projector. Distance from wall to projector will be approximately 13-14'. Not sure on screen size, I would like to go with the biggest at that distance. There is no ambient light, as...
  4. Paint SilverTicket BW ?

    DIY Screens
    Gents, I've painted many BW screens years ago, and I'm now craving it's awesome Contrast. I have a Son VPL45ES, and a SilverTicket, 120" in Gray, and it's just not black enough. Has anyone attempted to paint one of this screens ?, assume taking it apart and painting the back side ? Sounds like...
  5. Black widow ultra paint vs az silver grey pearl paint

    DIY Screen Development and Testing
    Hi all!! Has anyone compared Black Widow Ultra paint vs Az Silver Grey Pearl paint side by side?
  6. Screen Paint Help - Panasonic AE8000U

    DIY Screens
    Screen Paint Recommendation - Panasonic AE8000U First, I am new here. Second, I did perform a search through the forum for my projector model. The last post was in 2015 and thus the reason I am asking. I am finally getting around to painting my screen. For the last 2 years, it has been...
  7. Epson 2040 - what paint should i use for screen

    DIY Screens
    Wall - Dark Gray Ceiling - Black Screen size - 140" (16:9), projector apprx 13ft from screen (ceiling mount) No ambient light interference (basement). First row 14 ft. Second 19ft Thanks in advance.
  8. New to it all and need help with DIY screen paint

    DIY Screens
    I am turning a 13x15 bedroom into a theater room with projector so i have a throw of almost 13' so I have 11' Diagonal screen. I have Can lights with LED trims 2 in each corner of the room, the front 4 on the screen side I have on 1 dimmer and the 4 in the back of the room are on the other...
  9. 180 inch screen: what paint to use?

    DIY Screens
    I’ve scoured the internet researching DIY projector wall paint over the last few days, and HTS has been a goldmine of info. These forums have been amazing, and I’ve learned so much! But I still have questions... I am looking for a simple, budget-friendly but good quality paint solution for my...
  10. BW ultra/ finalizing Screen Paint

    DIY Screens
    Hi Guys I am a complete newbie and was initially wanted some inputs to help finalize the paint mix for my screen. Here is the my setup Benq HT 1075 projector screen size around 110-120" projector is going to be mounted around 10' from the wall this is not a dedicated HT room, it opens up to...
  11. Projection Paint suggestions

    DIY Screens
    Hello, I have just recently bought a BenQ W1070 for my new house and due to having my room decorated soon I am now needing to choose a paint for the projection wall. The projector will be around 3.6m away from the wall at 1.00x zoom, which should give about a 108" inch screen. It can be moved...
  12. Projection paint advice.

    DIY Screens
    Hi, I will be setting up a dedicated room for my projector (Panasonic PT-AE700E) The screen area will be roughly 80" (diaginal) & projecter will be around 5 metres back from the screen (roof mounted). The room is about 5 by 8 metres with white walls & will be mainly used at night in dark but...
  13. AZ Black pearl projection paint

    DIY Screens
    I have been trying to get a black paint to use with my epson 3600e for better blacks and watch during the day as well. Previously made a Silver Grey Paint and it turned out great. Using the same paint made this AZ Black Pearl paint. Turned out nice did one coat for testing and it brought me...
  14. Silver Grey screen paint mix

    DIY Screens
    here is a mix I made to get my Epson 3600e to be viewable during the day. What I wanted was better blacks and great whites. Might help other in the same situation as me. Only other projector I tested was Epson 5030 Valspar brushed pearl and Behr SS mix Textured wall painted 148" diagonal...
  15. Scorpio screen paint mix

    DIY Screens
    Just wondering if Scorpion screen mix if its still possible to make with current C&S and BW mix?
  16. Paint suggestions?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I need some suggestions on which paint/primer has a nice smooth finish..prefer a blackish polished piano type. I realize i will have to wet sand it too.:dontknow:
  17. White paint for dedicated theater

    DIY Screens
    First post/thread here, although I'm a long time AVS member. I've searched a lot, but not found really what I'm looking for. What I really want is the brightest (highest gain) white screen with out the obvious problems of hot spotting, grain, impossible to paint evenly, etc... Right now I...
  18. Question on Base Paint and AAA-F

    DIY Screens
    Posted a question concerning screen paint a year ago and I'm just now getting it done this weekend. haha. Anyway, let me say first the the AAA-F formula I'm looking at is the 4101-4Z formula. Is this the new or old formula? It will be purchased from Amazon Also, apparently Lowe's no longer...
  19. Best Screen Paint Mix for low Ambientlight conditions

    DIY Screens
    Hello Everyone, I am searching for the best paint mix usable in low ambient light conditions. My dream is a DNP supernova 0.8 Gain screen, but this is too expensive for me... The room has white walls and I prefer having a tiny degree of ambient light like from LED-stripes in the room while...
  20. Rough wall to paint or frame?

    DIY Screens
    Currently projecting onto the living room wall with the popular Benq W1070 in eco Screen size is currently ~130" with -1 keystone Projector is ~4.5m from the wall seating is 4.5-6m away I have filled two vent holes and started sanding but the wall is anything but flat with a gentle ~5mm...