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  1. Star Ceilings - Painted vs Fiber optic

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Star Ceiling – Fiber optics vs Painted A star ceiling is a definite plus for any home theater or bedroom... but what is the best way to go? Should you install Fiber Optics or have the ceiling painted (either by yourself or by a professional)? Well, that depends... (Mural by Night Sky Murals...
  2. Advice on painted wall screen

    DIY Screens
    Found this forum and it seems the advice differs quite a lot from what AVS recommends, thought I would post here and see what recommendations you might have. Below is what I posted to AVS yesterday. Since then I was thinking of using the paint recommended by projector central from Sherwin...
  3. Painted Wall versus Actual Screen

    General Screen Discussion
    Hi All, I am new to this hobby...I use to be really into flying 3d RC airplanes, but just recently sold everything RC related to invest in a home theater (after seeing my planes sit in the garage collecting dust for over a year because I never have time to fly, I figured it was time to let them...
  4. Help and advice for painted screen options (SW or BM preferably)

    DIY Screens
    Brand new at this and my eyeballs are bleeding after lurking on several HT boards out there, but I've settled on this place to get some information (thanks well in advance). I have my projector setup and for my first pass at this, I want to go with a painted screen. I'm thinking a gray screen...
  5. Re-using a painted sintra sheet and Glidden 450?

    DIY Screens
    Currently using a spandex screen, but do missed my painted screen. I will soon be going back to a painted screen, but this time with the Glidden 450. Question. Can I re-use an already painted Sintra sheet that was previously painted with a neutral gray on one side and neutral white on the...
  6. Help - is this better than a painted screen

    General Screen Discussion
    I found: Home Theater Projector Screen Material Matte White 177" 16:9 16PJS025-W177R169-T @ http://www.thelashop.com/home-theater-projector-screen-material-matte-white-177-16-9.html would this be a better alternative to painting the screen on?
  7. Painted electric screen

    DIY Screens
    Does anyone have experience painting one of these diy mixes on an electric screen? I was thinking about going for a used tab tensioned screen off craigslist or something. Ive seen them float around for $200 or less. Dirt cheap for non tab tensioned as well. 84" 16:9 diagonal, Shooting via...
  8. Painted my black widow screen... But made a big mistake

    General Screen Discussion
    I've done a home theater build out before using black widow painted right on the wall.. It worked perfectly. So new house has an awesome media room, I figure I'll mix up a new batch and do the same thing here. After the 2nd coat of kilz2 I recognized my error. The drywall in this room is...
  9. diy painted wall with custom frame

    DIY Screens
    first off, thanks to all of you for posting all these info! well i upgraded from a 47" lcd lg 47lk520 to a lg hw350t. having no idea what i was getting in to i decided the DIY way. after removing the tv i was left with a few holes on the wall. try to fix it with some plaster and had a...
  10. My first painted wall

    DIY Screens
    ok guys, I have an Epson 8350 right now and am using a 100 inch Do-able board screen. It was great as a "set it and forget it screen" when I first started but I'd like to go bigger. I figure I can do a good 120 inch screen with what wall space I have left and my viewing distance but most "board"...
  11. Anyone try the SilverFire painted screen from AVS

    DIY Screens
    If you've seen it does it really compare to BD or DNP
  12. Floating Painted Screen, or somehting...

    DIY Screens
    Im working on drywall in the new room and it occurs to me that I should be figuring out my screen construction. So here are the parameters: The screen wall has a window dead center in it. Rather than permanently blocking it off and waiting for moisture issues, im going to make a semi-permanent...
  13. 1st attempt with painted white screen - contrast drops on bright scenes

    DIY Screens
    Hi all, I'm not only new to this forum, but also new to the home theater scene. After a lot of research and reading on forums I decided to buy the Epson 8350. I also want to make (paint) my own screen. Our HT is in our basement and 95% of the time the room will be completely dark when watching...
  14. Temp DIY painted screen

    DIY Screens
    Just got word from my man Brian at VA that my elite screen is on back order till July. I will be using a panny 4000 and need a quick temp paint screen to fill the time. The wall will be drywall and it will be a 110 inch size. Total light control in the room. Any help thanks.
  15. Hanging sheetrock for painted screenwall

    DIY Screens
    Hi all...read what I can on this and really have only one remain concern before committing: How level does it really need to be? (If it matters, I am looking at a 100+" diagonal screen in a 21x14 room.) The drywall I am hanging is 5/8ths (the heavy-duty stuff) and I've got a very good finisher...
  16. Border ideas for wall painted screen?

    DIY Screens
    Ive got the paint for a C&S screen im planning to paint directly on the wall today, but Im having a hard time figuring out what Im going to do for a border. How do people usually attach their borders, and is there a way I can do it that will allow me to alter screen size without too much fuss...
  17. How best to mount a velvet frame for screen painted on wall?

    DIY Screens
    So, having lived with my Elektra N8 screen for a few months, its finally time to frame it. The screen is ~110"W x 62"H. I just ordered some Royalty 3 Velvet in black from JoAnn's using a 50% off coupon to force me to get started on the frame. I am looking for advice on how to best mount it...
  18. BOC or Painted Drywall

    DIY Screens
    Hi, I have started finishing my basement a few weeks ago with the intent of creating a dedicated home theater. I have stud walls in place and I have got 85% of my electrical done. I plan to start the AV wiring soon. I just got my projector in (HD20) and I and know where a bouts I need it...
  19. DIY Painted screen for a Mits HC6800 - Recommendations Needed

    DIY Screens
    Hello folks - I just joined this wonderful place this evening and have been reading a few threads about what paint formula to use for the DIY screen. I have been over at AVS and stumbled across the BW and scorpion stuff and googled to find this place and its wealth of information. I saw a...
  20. How to dampen front wall if I use painted on screen

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hey guys, One more question about room treatments and my goo screen. I am going to effectively "kill" the front wall with a combination of OC703 pieces liquid nailed to fir strips so they don't destroy the drywall. What about the actual goo screen I will be painting on? How is it possible...