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  1. Painting wall for screen use in daylight

    DIY Screens
    I'm looking for a paint mix (I'm in the UK), that will work well at night but also well in daylight with blinds up. A white wall isn't cutting it. What mix should I be looking at? I got a pot of this paint - Wickes Colour Home Vinyl Matt Emulsion Paint - to test and I've found when compared to...
  2. Painting wall for screen use in daylight

    DIY Screen Development and Testing
    I'm looking for a paint mix (I'm in the UK), that will work well at night but also well in daylight with blinds up. A white wall isn't cutting it. What mix should I be looking at? I got a pot of this paint - Wickes Colour Home Vinyl Matt Emulsion Paint - to test and I've found when compared to...
  3. painting wall/screen question

    DIY Screens
    Extreme newbie question here. Will there be any long term bad effects if I paint primer on my wall to use as a screen and then repaint it later when I learn enough and acquire a good paint/paint mix for the actual screen? I'm thinking of rolling it on. 1/4" nap seems to be a recommended...
  4. Advice on painting my screen

    DIY Screens
    I just built a 128" screen using Elite Screens white material and 1x3" boards. I have an Optoma HD141x projector, the room is my main living room and connects to my Kitchen, there isn't too much sunlight in there but I do sometimes have some lights on in the room. Basically what I am looking...
  5. Painting the room Black, just seems wrong.

    AV Home Theater
    Right now I feel certifiably insane. Anyone remember the first time they bought black paint and started painting the room Black?! This just seems wrong for some reason. All my life I have painted rooms white, cream, almond, ... and tried my best to make them look super nice like a model home...
  6. Painting over MaxxMudd

    DIY Screens
    A year ago I painted RS-MaxxMudd Retro v.2.1 and my results were "just OK". Too much orange peel and the screen is too sparkley and the whites are washed out. I blaim the orange peel on the gun. I used a Wagner Flexio 890 and I just couldn't get a smooth surface despite my best efforts. I just...
  7. Concreate Subfloor Question: DriCore vs Sealing and Painting

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    What is the difference between using DriCore vs Sealing a concreate subfloor? As I put my room back together I was thinking of adding dri-core to the concrete slab before putting down carpet. But is there any benefit of going the Dri-Core route besides thermal insulation? My basement has never...
  8. Need To Order Screen Instead Of Painting

    Manufactured Screens
    I was going to try to paint my wall, but during prep I noticed a fairly large hump. So I decided to just go with a fixed frame screen. I have $380 in Amazon gift cards, so was budgeting up to $400 for the screen. Less would be better if there isn't much of a sacrifice in quality though. Main...
  9. Working on a new painting

    Chat Box SWAMP
    I am an artist by trade, and have practiced art all my life. I got away from painting when I began working full time at a job that allowed me to create things during work. Just recently I decided to paint again. I had forgotten how much I love it. I have always been fascinated with those fire...
  10. Painting BOC after mounting

    DIY Screens
    I am a little confused and need some help. My intent was to paint a BOC screen. My understanding is that the paint needs to be applied after it is stretched so it won't crack. That's where I'm at right now. I read somewhere in the past that you should roll the first coat or fuzz will come up...
  11. painting accoustic panels ??

    Home Audio Acoustics
    im thinking of combining 2 of my hobbies home theatre and airbrushing .here's my question . i have a theater im building for a friend .the acoustic panels im planing to build are going to be medium to darker in colour ,the friend i am building it for is Cambodian and i was going to airbrush...
  12. Painting my first substrate screen

    DIY Screens
    First of all thanks for all the wonderful info guys. I've learned so much in the week I've been researching, so I think I'm ready to begin. What I need help with is which brand of white paint I should use. I was thininking of getting the Glidden Premeire White Base in Matte/Flat. I assumed...
  13. Painting BOC screen

    DIY Screens
    I have an 80" x 46" screen made from painting strainer bars and blackout cloth. I've been doing research on the forums and think I know what I want. I have a mitsubishi hc3800 (1300 lumens) as my pj. Paint: valspar ultra premium flat enamel matched to universal grey/gray Primer: Kilz2 A bunch...
  14. painting screen

    DIY Screens
    Recently I finished building my home theatre large screen 12' wide x 7' wide. I used seamless paper with border frame built with wood and covered with black velveteen fabric. Now I am wondering if I should paint seamless paper with HD paint. Anyone tried this ?
  15. Painting question need help!!

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Ok I'm finally almost ready for paint in my 1st dedicated home theater. I'm painting it a dark purple flat which I have learned from a lot of you guys on here so it doesn't reflect. My plan was to paint the walls and the ceiling all the same color the dark purple. My wife said I should do a...
  16. Painting MDF advice

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    So I finished my HT Sub en-devour, I'm looking for a nice Black glossy look. I know MDF is really porous and applying straight spray paint will just look blotchy. I want that Glossy reflection look, does anyone know some steps I can follow to obtain this.
  17. Painting acoustically transparent Cheap Trick with Black Widow

    DIY Screens
    Hey, After lots of disappointment with cheap China-screens I will now build my own. I want to use the Black Widow paint, but I would also like to use the Cheap Trick screen. Is there any experience with painting the Cheap Trick Screen at all? I couln't find any.. Do you have any tips? Even if...
  18. Can a canvas painting become an acoustic panel?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi Shackers I have been an avid reader of your forums for some time and decided it was time to join in. I've recently acquired REW V5.0 and all required testing gismos and about to begin playing with room acoustics. Even without testing I have already made some DIY bass traps for the room front...
  19. Slightly OT - Wagner CS and trim painting

    DIY Screens
    I posted this over in the Construction but thought I might be better served in this forum since there are more folks that use the Wagner paint sprayers here than just about anywhere else.:bigsmile: Has anyone had good results with their Wagner sprayers for their intended use? I want to paint...
  20. Painting trim and Wagner sprayers

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    How many of you have a Wagner Control Spray and have used it for oil based paints? I have one and have used it with thinned Latex paints for my HT screens. WE are at a "thought process" stage for redoing our HT and I want to paint the trim a new color. It was originally painted with an oil...