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  1. Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi, Having sensitive neighbors I need 2 pairs of headphones to watch films on my projector with my lady. Also I'm EMR concerned so I prefer to go for IF. Can anybody here recommend one particular set of IF headphones?
  2. Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Tomorrow, the highly anticipated Tom Cruise film Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation hits the silver screen worldwide. The critics’ consensus is that Rogue Nation is a sure-shot mega-blockbuster and if previous iterations of the franchise are any indication of success, then the film is...
  3. DIY Speakers
    A friend of mine came over last night and we got into a little discussion about speakers... Here is what started it: My friend has listened 2 my setup several times, and then went home, and listened to his Yamaha NS1000 Studio Monitors. He has found that when he listens to the same 2 songs on...
  4. System Setup and Connection
    I own a pioneer 1019 AVR and 2 pairs of energy take classics. I was thinking of doubling up the front left, right and center channel to give me a bit more mid range at lower volumes. I would run just a single sat speaker at the rears and I'm using a stock energy take classic subwoofer. I know...
  5. Two Channel Audio
    I can't decide which to get.I'm getting the boxes along with them. One set is Fostex FE126En 4" Full Range.In the kit their $315 with boxes. http://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/full-range-speaker-kits/fostex-bk-12m-folded-horn-kit-pair/ Other pair is Fostex FE166En 6.5" full range.The kit is...
  6. Great Deals and Specials
    Only $1,449.00 44% OFF | MSRP: $2,599.00 99 Available | 1 Sold as of 06/16/12 10:50am CDT Free Shipping
  7. Great Deals and Specials
    Only $1,249.00 50% OFF | MSRP: $2,499.00 400 Available | 0 Sold as of 03/14/11 10:30am CDT Free Shipping
  8. System Setup and Connection
    I have an older technics 5.1 receiver retired using for in room background music now in stereo mode. It has A and B speaker connection and can run both together.. The A is connected to 8 ohm speakers, Now I am looking to add B which is for outdoor and they are 4 ohms, will this be a problem...
  9. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    For sale are two pair of Energy speakers, one pair each of Energy's Audissey A3+2 and Audissey A2+2. The Audissey series are a "asymmetrical bipolar" design that provide a wide, open sound stage but maintain strong imaging. They also have quite a bit of bass depth and detail. I am the...
  10. Home Theater Design and Construction
    I am thinking about changing the 5.1 speaker layout in my room (seen here). Currently the side surrounds, Klipsch RB-81's, are positioned beside the second row of seating and angled towards the first row. They are probably about 130 degrees from the main seating position. I'm finding that less...
  11. Classifieds - Remotes, Cables and Accessories
    Audioquest VSD-1 Cable - 2 Pairs for sale - Great for Digital & Analog Audio/Video - Excellent Condition Like Brand New - No Original Box - Free Shipping 1 Meter Pair - $19.50 ($79.95 list) 2 Meter Pair - $29.50 ($99.95 list)
1-11 of 12 Results