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  1. SVSound
    I hope I've posted the correct forum to ask for help. Appreciate if anyone could shed some light on this. My PB-13 Ultra has been providing great pleasure to me......until last week :crying::crying:. When I powered it on, the signal LED was just blinking and there were some "bo bo" sound from...
  2. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I'm wanting to upgrade my sub in my family room setup. The family room itself isn't that big, but when combined with the eating area and kitchen it opens to it is probably around 5500 ft^3. I was originally looking at getting something like the Paradigm DSP-3400, but after looking at my...
  3. SVSound
    Hello Everyone! New to the scene here and so far I have gleaned a lot of very good information but I have a question to put to the excellent minds that are about. I'm in the process of putting together a HT/music system for a new apartment that I'm in the process of renovating and I have...
  4. REW Forum
    This is my first attempt at using this software, so bear with me :) This is the sub alone at 80hz Sub+Mains both at 80hz Whatcha Think?
  5. SVSound
    I ran the sub pretty hard for probably 15-20 minutes......and i could start to smell a ....i guess burning smell. It wasn't smokey smelling, just an electrical type burn. No smoke, no blue smoke, etc. Just a burn-ish smell. anybody seen this? thanks. matt
  6. SVSound
    Hi This past weekend I used the REW to identify the proper location for the sub and eventually had it moved behind the couch (listening position). The bass is smooth so far but I am some what uncomfortable with the position. I am feeling something could be missing. Will I get the chest thumping...
  7. SVSound
    Hi I have been reading through the forum for some time and I am amazed by the amount of knowledge that everyone provides. As my Bose Acoustimas 15 module (sub woofer part of it) died on me, I started reading through the forums to find the appropriate sub for me. I know that the Bose did not...
  8. SVSound
    As some of you know I have had an issue with my PB-13 ports squeaking because they were loose. Ed told me that this was only the 2nd one ever that has done this. Well the issue is now fixed. SVS fixed the problem by ungluing and then regluing the ports to the internal brace. NOW the PB-13...
  9. SVSound
    :yay:Just wondering why not too many pb-13 posts on this sight once these things came out. It just seems like there aren't too many thoughts after the anticipation. Could it be that people just are content now and enjoying their music and ht to even care to post????:yay:
1-9 of 9 Results