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  1. Home Audio Subwoofers
    What is the difference in these subs? Would it be worth spending the extra money on the svs for home theater? I watch maily movies, not to often music. I havent picked out the speakers and reciever yet but i figured id start with what i like most, bass.
  2. SVSound
    I have a medium size room with vaulted 8 foot ceilings. I am purchasing the Definitive Bp8's for the front mains and the clr2300 for the center. I will be using the bp1.2xs for the surrounds. Will the PB10-NSD blend well with these speakers? Also will it be powerful enough for my room?The room...
  3. SVSound
    In a 14 X 45 room (the listening area is in a 14 X 16 part of the room) what would be the pros and cons of: a) a single PB12-NSD/2 vs. b) dual PB10-NSD's ?
  4. SVSound
    Hey guys, Just got the svs sbs-01 5.1 speaker set up. Just got them installed yesterday so far all good. But I felt the sub could of been better or more stunning. For my room size which is double story 15 feet wide 30 feet long. First half of room is double storied second half is single...
  5. SVSound
    http://www.lsound.no/webedit_images/6476_normal.jpgThundering budget sound! Yamaha and SVS have a potent combination for those of you looking for maximum entertainment for your money. Compact but powerful speakers, and solid electronics makes a promise of grand home theatre sound without...
  6. SVSound
    Hi! I just recv'd my delivery of PB10-NSD. Yes it is gorgeous ...:bigsmile: massive and heavy ...:duh: Anyway, the trouble is that in less than an hour or so, the Sub has blown all 3 provided fuses.... It switches on for 5 minutes or so. music comes on and then all of sudden goes dead...
  7. SVSound
    We've been trickling a few out with 5.1 and 7.1 SBS-01 surround sound speaker packages, but now you can get the newly updated PB10-NSD with a stand-alone order. Black will begin shipping during the week of 26 June, so get your order in soon to snag one of the first. Cream White and newly minted...
  8. SVSound
    You probably guessed this was coming, though the details might surprise long-time SVS fans (and confound competitors alike). The New SVS 10" woofer (below) is indeed slated to be built in-house, along side other models, such as the new 12" NSD, and Plus 12.3 woofer. But here's the surprise...
1-8 of 8 Results