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  1. Why no “slam” from my dual PB13 Ultras?

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I’ve always read posts referring to people’s subwoofers literally shaking the house, knocking pictures off the walls, etc. I wonder if it’s all hyperbole or whether there is some holy grail of subwoofers that can literally shake you to the core. I do have a mix of both Clark Synthesis Platinum...
  2. Older PB13 Ultra with BASH amp

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Hey guys, I just purchased but haven't got my hands on it yet...an 08' PB 13 Ultra with the 750rms BASH amp. It will be playing with my existing SB13 Ultra in my HT room. Were there any issues or concerns with the older style BASH amps on these? I believe they are actually an A/B amp...
  3. PB13 Ultra's for my Music Only System

    Hi guys, I'm so excited with the addition of dual PB13's in my music system that I wanted to share my experience in case you're considering them to your rig. Below is the review I posted on the SVS web site. Cheers! I wanted to add dynamic range and more punch to my music only system. I...
  4. SVS SB13 Ultra versus SVS PB13 Ultra

    Hello fellow subiotologists! Is the SVS PB13, which is $400 more than the SB13, worth it? I will be using my new home theater for video and audio alike. I am a huge music enthusiast and want every aspect of my system to be accurate. Here is what I know so far: The big difference between the...
  5. SVS PB-13 Ultra Bookshelves affordable match

    I want to buy the SVS PB-13 Ultra but since I know that my pioneer speakers wont do it, I need the speakers relatively small, the sit next to my 27'' iMac because it looks ugly if the speakers a big next to the screen. Are there any speaker out there within the €250/$250 Bookshelves, that...
  6. SVSound PB13 Ultra

    The Sub Zone (Subwoofer Testing)
    SVSound PB13 Ultra Manufacturers Published Specifications **Frequency response graph does not denote maximum output capability. 2-meter ground plane away from reflective structures (quasi-anechoic) 0 Hz Mode: 19-150 Hz +/- 3 dB 16 Hz Mode: 16-150 Hz +/- 3 dB Sealed Mode: 26-150 Hz +/- 3...
  7. SVS PB13 Ultra

    Sub Mod Forum
    Frequency Response Max Output Before Compression Spectral Decay Group Delay Waterfall Spectrogram Harmonic Distortion 32 Hz 40 Hz 50 Hz 63 Hz 70 Hz 80 Hz
  8. SVS PB-13 Ultra's

    Hey all! I am currently looking at a couple of used PB-13's. They are in pretty good condition (minor blemishes on the bottom sides that could probably be buffed out) and are 2 years old (1 year left on amp warranty and 3 on rest). Being as this is my 1st HT :R, I am not sure what the market...
  9. PB12 plus vs PB13 Ultra?

    Hey all, I'm new here. Thnx ahead of time for being kind. I know these questions come up a lot. I read the sticky with the 12 plus review. Sounds amazing. I'm currently running a Klipsch RW12-D. Was wondering about the difference between the two. I don't think I can get $2000 past the wife. I...
  10. SVS PB13 ultra, Help needed

    Hi, I am from India. I have ordered for a new SVS PB13 Ultra and it should reach my home within a day or two. I am planning on upgrading my receivers and speakers, but at present, I only own a Onkyo-HT-S3200, which comes with a PASSIVE subwoofer. So, can I connect my SVS PB13 ultra to my...
  11. Build in an SVS PB13 Ultra?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Has anyone built in a SVS BP13 Ultra -- I have a rear spot which would require that it be housed on the floor inside a closet with the front of the sub flush with the wall -- I constructed a "chamber" within the closet with MDF and plywood glued and screwed with 2 inches of space all around to...
  12. Which way do I point my PB13 Ultra?

    Does it matter which way I point my subwoofer since it is front firing? Please take a look at my pictures. Thanks!
  13. SVS PB13 Ultra duals

    if i connect each sub separately using the Left and Right channel outputs to the subs 1 subwoofer PB13Ultra left channel mono and 2 subwoofer PB13Ultra right channel mono look like front speaker left channel mono and right channel mono will work stereo right ??? if put left 1st subwoofer for...
  14. Dual PB13 graphs

    REW Forum
    I finally got around to filtering my SVS PB13-Ultras. I have them tuned to 15hz and applying filters with a BFD 1124p. Here's the graph of the pair of subs with Audyssey on but no BFD filters. I created filters for a flat response and then 9 hard knee house curves in 1db steps from 2db up to...
  15. Looking at a SVS PB13 (Advice)

    Looking for a new sub this summer and i keep hearing that the SVS subs are really good.Now don't laugh i have a 12" soundstage sub thats going to be replace.I have the Yamaha Rx-V3800 receiver,Polkaudio RTI-A7 fronts,CSI-A6 center,RTI-A3 rears,RTI-A1 for the sides.My movie room is 15x11 and i...
  16. 2 sealed Maelstroms or 2 SVS PB13 Ultras

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hello! My question is what setup gives me better low end with movies, 2*225 L sealed Maelstroms with Antimode 8033 driven by Crown XTI2000 or 2*SVS PB13 Ultras.:dontknow: The Maelstroms would be in sealed boxes because that`s about max enclosure size i can do and don`t think Streamingaudio.se...
  17. Trying to justify ordering a 2nd pb13 ultra

    My sealed HT is 3900 cubic feet and I want to upgrade my subs. Currently I have 2 Paradigm pw2100's. I will replace these subs with one PB-13 ultra plus the as-eq1. Now thinking about a 2nd PB-13 ultra colocated. Can someone tell what I will hear differently vs 1 ultra. The reviews I have read...
  18. FS: SVS PB13 Ultra - 2 months owned - NJ Pickup

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
  19. SVS PB13 and CRT RPTV

    I am considering replacing my Hsu VTF-3 Mk3 with a PB13 Ultra. The Hsu is currently sitting about 2 feet away from my Sony 57" CRT RPTV and has not caused any magnetic problems with the TV. Convergence has always remain spot on :bigsmile: Hsu claims that the VTF line is magnetically shielded...