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  1. SVS PC12-NSD and Outlaw 990, help!

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Hello to all, I am trying out a PC12-NSD and have problems setting it up with my prepro. I am using a HTPC as my media center and whenever I play an mp3 I cannot get the sub to output. I am using the optical out on my sound card. I would also like someone to advice me on how I can properly...
  2. SVS PC12-NSD Review Discussion Thread

    SVS PC12-NSD Review Full Review Final Thoughts At a compelling price with excellent overall build quality, the PC12-NSD represents a great value and an excellent choice for the enthusiast looking for a capable and comfortably priced subwoofer. Some spouses may object to a 3 foot tall cylinder...
  3. SVS PC12-NSD Subwoofer Review

    Speaker and Subwoofer Reviews
    SVS PC12-NSD Review MSRP: $749 USD Last year when I reviewed the SVS Legato system, I was rather suddenly convinced that cylinder subs were worth more attention, so I was fairly eager to review Legato's baby cousin - the PC12-NSD when offered the chance. The PC12-NSD is a cylinder design...
  4. SVS PB12-NSD or PC12-NSD?

    Hi all. This is my first post. I am considering to buy a SVS sub; can you please tell me what are the differences between the PB12-NSD and the PC12-NSD? The use is 80% home theater - 20% music 2.1. The other components are: - Pre and amp Krell Showcase; - Main speakers ProAc D18; -...