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  1. SVSound
    Hello, This might be a silly question, but, would there be any bad consequences if I lay the PC13 Ultra on its side along the wall to hide it from view? i.e. will it damage the sub or enclosure?
  2. SVSound
    Hi ! Former owner of a pb-13 ultra (so I'm all ready spoiled) but because of WAF / new living room arrangement I had to sell my beloved pb-13. I was recommended to buy the sb-13 ultra and while it does sound great - I miss the sound I had. Before the pb-13 I had the pc13-ultra (both pb and pc...
  3. SVSound
    Hi all, For quite a while I have been feeding both cylinders by splitting the signal from the sub pre-out on the AVR. I am using a Monoprice sub cable for the main run, and then some spare Liberty component video cables post-splitter to each sub. While all of my research tells me that these...
  4. SVSound
    I, i have been looking to upgrade my 10+ yr old sub for several years. And yesterday saw a SVS PC13 ultra for sale on craigslist for 950. Just bought in aug. Im not a huge fan of cylinders but i guess it was my dream to build huge sono tube towers, like 6-7ft tall 21's in the future. But a pc13...
  5. SVSound
    Hey I had a Monitor Audio RSW12, and so far that is outperforming and intigrating better than my new PC13. I have ran and Re ran Mcacc on my pioneer SC-LX72 amp and that is on about -3db for the subwoofer. I have turned off the following: Disable the HPF Disable the LPF Set volume to -20dB...
  6. SVSound
    This “review” is more of an informal gathering of impressions, as opposed to a proper, technical review of the sub’s capabilities. The PC13U pair is replacing dual PC 20-39 PC+ cylinders, which in turn replaced a single 16-46 PCi cylinder (my first real sub.) I am actually among the few that...
  7. SVSound
    Hi all! Well, I just received my new dual PC13 Ultra Cylinders (replacing dual 20-39 PC+ cylinders), and I now need to decide what tune is safe for me to run in (the main cause for the upgrade in the first place). With the PC+ Cylinders (20Hz tune), I was extremely careful (paranoid?) about...
  8. SVSound
    I own a SVS PC13 Ultra. Shame on me but does it have a High Input? I see balanced inputs with a switch HIGH PASS FILTER, maybe this is for making it High Input?
  9. SVSound
    Hi, I own a SvS PC13 Ultra for almost 2 years now. The PC13u is placed in a dedicated HT room which is accoustically treated with basstraps. My reverberation time within the 20-500Hz range is less than 0,4s which is perfect for HT use. Only thing is I have some serious peaks that result in...
  10. SVSound
    Maybe i'm mistaken but as of yet i haven't found a svs pc 13 ultra test/review on this forum which i find very odd so cn anyone point me in the right direction or explain why this is?
  11. Home Audio Subwoofers
    Hi i currently have a servo 15 and was considering changing it for a ultra pc13, can anyone tell me if there is a huge difference between the two subs as there wouldn't be much point in spending extra money upgrading it if there was not much between the two subs. Thanks.
  12. SVSound
    I was going to order another PC/PB13, but the wife kiboshed it right away when she found out how much I ended up paying for the PC13. I can't go over $1000 delivered, actually closer to $500, but I was wondering if I added a PB12-NSD if I would notice a big difference in output or a...
  13. SVSound
    I ended up getting the PC13 based on the WAF and she loves it I really wanted to get the PB13, but I was wondering how much of a difference is there in sound quality and/or output?
  14. SVSound
    I've just placed my Pre-Order with AV-Sales in the UK for the new PC13-Ultra for a bargain £875.00 :bigsmile: This is great news over in the UK, as PC range have been un-available since they started using a UK distibuter. I've been hounding poor Ron about wherther they would be available and...
1-14 of 14 Results