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  1. SVS PC12 Plus or PC13-Ultra?

    Hello Guys, I'm new here and I want to ask you what do you think: I have now at home 2x PC12-Pluses and 1x PC13-Ultra. I'm playing with subs today all day so I have a feeling 2x Pluses sounds little better to me then single Ultra. Even if I places pluses on each side next to my tower's feel...
  2. [SVS PC13-Ultra] Help with major dip and rise

    REW Forum
    This graph is just the sub alone I am new to this so if there is something I am doing wrong let me know. Not that this makes much differnce but these are the low pass settings I used to see if they made a difference. Blue 80Hz Yellow 63 Hz Green 50 Hz If those colors don't look right it...
  3. SVS PC12-PLUS or PC13-ULTRA

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    I am looking for a SVS PC12-PLUS or PC13-ULTRA. PM me or email at [email protected] thanks
  4. Room Comp on SvS PC13Ultra

    Who of the PC13Ultra owners use the feature room comp and what good(/bad) does it do?
  5. two PC-Plus 20-39 vs PC13-Ultra.

    My first post. I allready have a PB12-Plus/2 (12.2 drivers). Because off a serieus placement problem, i'm thinking to buy a single PC-ultra or two 20-39 Plus subs. I know de two 20-39 will have more output, but will they go as low as the ultra? Gr. Wim.