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  1. Bitstream or PCM?

    System Setup and Connection
    Can you kind chaps help with these photo's I snapped. Just setting up a Panasonic Blu ray player connected to my Onkyo receiver. I want the best audio qaulity and not sure about the settings on these menu's? Bitstream or PCM? What is Bitstream and PCM? In layman's terms!:) I was trying to spam...
  2. MCA, PCM+ open source SS format

    Audio Processing
    http://srslabs.com/landing.aspx?id=2459 Looks interesting. I've asked myself why surround sound systems don't approach sound fields in this way. The only issue I see is with implementation. You would need a cheap mic that would be able to distinguish the direction sound is coming from.
  3. PCM? Direct? DSP?

    System Setup and Connection
    I currently have my blu ray player set to output PCM. Is this the best setting? Does this mean that the receiver decodes into DTS or Dolby? Do you normally keep your receiver on direct? If you only have 5.1, when or which DSPs would you use for different materials? Any input on any of this...
  4. Multi Ch PCM

    Audio Processing
    I have done some reading, but don't feel that my query has been definitively answered. What I want to know is whether I need to buy new features or if what I have does the same thing. I have a HK avr347 which plays multi ch PCM, a fat ps3 which outputs Dolby true hd and DTS HD-MA as multi ch...
  5. 5.1 or pcm 2.0

    System Setup and Connection
    i hope i am in the right forum. i have a directv hr22-100 receiver, bose home theater system and a vizio led-lcd tv. my question is, directv says it is broadcasting in 5.1 but bose hts indicates the signal is pcm 2.0, which is correct? all of my connections are hdmi. the station was watcing...
  6. Yamaha HTR-6130 help

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi guys and gals, I recently built a home theatre and was feeling quite proud of myself. I not only did all the construction but I wired everything and installed all the equipment to have it all work perfectly and I`m really happy with it. Yesterday however, I went to my brother-in-law`s to...
  7. Am I getting 5.1 surround from my BD discs??

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Hello all, I'm running a Samsung BDP-s550 into a Pioneer VSX-918V reciever via HDMI. On standard def DVDs, the display on the reciever reads Dolby Surround/Digital, and I can hear all the seperation and detail in the soundtrack, so all is right with the world. On the other hand, when Blu Ray...
  8. PCM, Bitstream (re-encode), or BItstream (audiophile)?

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a Denon AVR-1610 and Samsung Blu-ray BD-P1600. I have turned off dynamic compression and PCM downsampling on the samsung, but I was wondering if I should use the PCM or Bitstream(audiophile) option. I have everything connected via HDMI and am looking for the best sound. What settings will...
  9. To Stream or not to Stream. That is the question

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    I'm in a position to up grade my AVR. I waiting for Emotiva's UMC-1. I hope to also upgrade my Bluray player to Oppo's or LG's new LGBD390. I currently use my PS3 which outputs PCM to my AVR. (Integra DTR 7.7) Does any know if there is a difference of having a Bluray player send the signal...
  10. Yamaha receiver - PCM, Dolby Digital, or what?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I just got our new AV receiver hooked up last week. I have been tweaking, tuning, reading all our manuals, and doing pretty good. Since this Yamaha 6160, aka 663, can decode and output many audio codecs, I just need some advice on how to set my source equipment. I am using HDMI cables in and out...
  11. PCM vs Bitstream

    System Setup and Connection
    Please help me settle a minor dispute. A source device which shall go nameless (it's not hi-fi gear, it's a mass produced retail item that sells for about $300) and we'll say hypothetically say it's capable of either bitstream or PCM via its HDMI output to your middle/hi-end hi-fi receiver...
  12. VSX-94 thx PCM not support for a PS3

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hey guys I just got a PS3 and have it connected directly to my pioneer receiver VSX-94 using a hdmi cable only. The problem is that i get a message on the receiver saying PCM not support. However, if i connect the hdmi to my tv and wait for the xmb page to come up and then reconnect to my...
  13. Bitstream or linear pcm?

    AV Home Theater
    I have a ps3 hooked up to my brand new Onkyo 705...My question is, what is the difference between bitstream and linear pcm? What setting, on the PS3 will give me the best sound?.....Thanks
  14. Could HDMI Cables Affect PCM Output?

    System Setup and Connection
    And here's another issue... Could it be that my HDMI cables connecting the BD player and receiver are not sending the TrueHD or uncompressed tracks in their full glory? Would I be hearing anything at all then? When I pass bitstreamed Dolby and DTS to the receiver from my Blu ray player over...
  15. MCH PCM and PCM192K ???

    System Setup and Connection
    Thank you all again & hopefully this will be the last time I bug you all!!!! HT-S894 Onkyo system with matching upconverting DVD player using HDMI for audio & video to AVR: MCH PCM: Direct or Multichannel??? PCM1092k: Direct or Stereo????? I think I FINALLY have it narrowed down to...
  16. PCM 5.1 or Not.

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    I have a HD-XA2 and i don't know which option i should use for sound. I have a Integra DTR-7.7 AVR and it has HDMI inputs and an output. My question is, Shoud i go PCM Multichannel 5.1 or the Bitstream DD, DTS, DD EX... 7.1. Integra's customer service say's use the bitstream.Toshiba say's either...