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  1. SVSound
    I am in coinsidering both these fine subs but am not sure if I should spend teh extra $400 for the Ultra. I realize that there is a lot of info availbale on both; but has anyone been able to hear them side by side? Thoughts? Thanks, E
  2. SVSound
    I have looked at the other thread on pc plus 16-46. However i wonder how it compares to PB12 plus. I have a room that is 9.5m X 3m. I need some help deciding between these 2 subs. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thankz.
  3. SVSound
    My first post. I allready have a PB12-Plus/2 (12.2 drivers). Because off a serieus placement problem, i'm thinking to buy a single PC-ultra or two 20-39 Plus subs. I know de two 20-39 will have more output, but will they go as low as the ultra? Gr. Wim.
  4. SVSound
    Where does this sub sit in the SVS line compared to a box? Would it have the same or more output/bass then the PB12-NSD?
  5. SVSound
    I recently purchased the SVS 25-31 PC-Plus Subwoofer and my buddy has the SVS SBS-01 5.0 package. We decided to put the two together to make a 5.1 system. I have to say, for what the total cost is for the sub and the speakers, this 5.1 combination is tough to beat at twice the price. The sub...
  6. SVSound
    Hi: Just wondering if it would be worth changing out the older db12.2 woofer for the current 12.3 woofer?. I have an older(2003) 20-39 PC-Plus sub, which I presume has the older woofer. Is there much of a difference sonically between the 12.2 and the 12.3? Has anyone here changed their woofers...
1-6 of 6 Results